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Yesterday Once More

I am sorry to report the demise of the idli knife, Mi. Not quite, actually. It is not in ICU though. Since only the handle which was already broken is gone, it was just a casualty. The knife part is intact and continues to be usable. But it sure felt crazy when I realized the knife was wobbling in my hand and when I opened my palm, was shocked to see part of the hold had come loose. I refuse to retire it, though. We all love that knife like family. No other knife out of the numerous ones in our collection can scoop out an idli like this one. Moreover, Sury always reaches for it.

​This morning we were talking about how lucky we are to enjoy reading. The conversation started because yesterday, just as I was rejoicing over completing something I was working on – fine, so I was counting my chicken before they hatched – I did the stupid thing and looked at my email inbox. There I found an email from Sury​ in his usual telegram style – with a video link. Curious, I followed the link only to be delighted by one of my favorite scenes from one of Wodehouse’s books Right ho, Jeeves – the Market Snodsbury episode.

Here it is!

While I had the strength of mind not to run after the recommended videos, the damage was done. I didn’t finish the work I should have​
​ packed up. I resigned myself to another late night.

Sigh. Still, I set off to school with a smile, as Vidur and I had planned to go to Gita Press – they have a stall at the railway station straight from school. Why Gita Press? Good question. Our boy is keen on absorbing the Puranas. When will he find the time? Only he knows. What is funny is he’s chosen all the books in Hindi. Why? He loves reading in Hindi. I had to secretly blush with shame because even though I know six languages, I always prefer to read in English because I am most comfortable with it. Not Vidur though. English, Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit – all good.

So we got there, bought our platform tickets and entered the station. We must have made a comic sight – with Vidur in his school uniform and carrying his luggage school bag. I teased him about people mistaking him for a coolie. Then reassured him they wouldn’t bother him as he was already carrying baggage. Ha, ha.

After we finished our business there, we thought we would cleverly get a bite to eat. You remember those jazzy restaurants we always noticed when we returned from a trip, Mi? Well, to our disappointment we found that the jazz was only the decorative entrance. Inside they were regular railway type restaurants. Not in the mood to eat South Indian fast food since he carried idlis in his dubba, we instantly decided to ​head back home. After all, wasn’t Gopika en route?

We took an auto to Gopika. Imagine our stunned surprise to find that the *&%$@ restaurant was closed. That’s when we realized it was way past lunch time and close to 4 pm! Those guys close at 3ish and open again in the evening. We immediately remembered how the three of us – you,Vidur and I stopped there on the way back from our hospital visits, around 2.30 ish and were waiting outside for a table. Reminiscing, we left the restaurant. Funny how a mild hunger becomes a raging one rapidly! Since Mantri Mall was across the road, we headed to the new McDonald’s there and had the usual. Vidur fondly recalled the trips we made together. Sated, we then headed back home, rather happy.​

Okay so I sneaked a quick visit to my 20-rupee earring feller and picked up a few.​

​The atrocious thing yesterday was I didn’t have my evening kaapi!​

Okay. Just for fun. One of your favorite pictures. What fun we had with that new webcam!

So now I’d better get my shapely a** to work.

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2 thoughts on “Yesterday Once More

  1. Could so completely relate to every small thing in this post, starting from Gita Press to Gopika to Mantri Mall 🙂 And yes, we also have our own version of the Idli knife at home, just that it is not a knife but a small little spoon/ladle kind of thing which we have used for the last 20+ yrs if memory serves me right 🙂

  2. hahaha hubby also has a knife with no handle that he refuses to retire. i’m happy he won’t. to retire it would mean to replace it and if we don’t replace it i can put the major chopping on him since i can not use something sharp with no handle. aren’t i brilliant. wow our boys look a lot alike. you know indian restaurants in Manhattan do the same thing. they close at 3pm and open again at 7pm. whats up with that? lord vidur is a smart boy. wish you all were here so he could play big brother and teach damian all. hugs mama

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