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Nostalgia As Usual

Because sometimes, it is all we have left, Mi. The sight of something just triggers a whole lot of memories, you know. Take, for example, the pair of sandals I came across online when I was looking to buy a pair identical to the ones I have now because they are comfortable. They carried me through rain, cold, and a couple of trips overseas. I had people laughing at me for not wearing shoes like a ‘normal’ person but well, I was too stingy to buy a pair during the trip as it was too expensive. I could get four pairs at home for the same price.

Anyway, be that as it may, I did manage with the good old sandals, wearing socks when it got cold. And when I saw these sandals, it took me back to a time when I had a similar pair. I think V was in primary school at the time. They were so convenient. And affordable. Now they cost two and a half times what they did before, but I couldn’t resist ordering a pair with brown straps. And I love them. Had to smooth the sharp corners since these are molded footwear and the poor man’s Dr. Scholls. I am glad I did though. I might even get another pair in black.

Then, the day before yesterday, while looking for thengozhal, I came across besan papdi. Took me right back to Gopmama’s wedding reception which we had after we returned to Secbad. I remember eating so much of it and loving it. Later, we used to buy it occasionally. And then, again for some time when V was in middle school, I think.

I also had a bout of nostalgia when I went for an eye checkup, remembering the eye dilation and the walking back home feeling rather blind…then visiting the optician and asking for the cheapest frames and lenses. Guess I’ve come a long way with all the testing technology and the affordability levels. I got a new pair of frames and enjoyed the usual embarrassment of not being able to tell the color or being able to decide among all the choices. As usual, I took the optician’s help.

How funny it is to think that my optician has been choosing my spectacle frames for me over the decades! If that is not hilarious, I don’t know what is.

Today, when I ate a cup of papdi, I didn’t feel the same joy though. I think the anticipation and the memory were more fun than the actual thing. Some things stay wonderful in our minds and maybe that is where they belong. That said, I will never ever tire of the sampige flowers!

Nostalgia usually hits me when I feel a little lost, a little low and can’t quite figure things out in my head. When those moments stop by to bug me, I quickly get up and tackle my evergrowing list of things to do. It is a win-win; not only is my mind diverted, I get to check things off. Today’s accomplishment was getting started on the pile of alterations I’ve stacked on my bed. I successfully shorted a long skirt whose length was well past my feet. And thus one more garment to wear!

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