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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Washing Up Can Wait!

So I was standing in the kitchen, eyeing the overflowing sink I was too lazy to empty last night, Mi. Well, the water was ice cold and I didn’t fancy a late night date with the dirty dishes. Also, I was highly encouraged by my procrastination partners to leave it till morning, and I took their wise advice. I wouldn’t usually do this, but yesterday it just felt good to ditch the dishes and choose the happier option of watching a crime program on TV together.

As I mused on how we change over time, my mind wandered and decided to have a coffee.

So what’s new, you’re asking. Except, I didn’t just stand there watching the milk heat. I got the grill out and made a quick trip to the fridge to get the brinjal (eggplant / aubergine) out.

I slit it, I poked it.

I rubbed it down with oil.

I placed it on the grill and switched on the stove and went directly to heaven while the brinjal probably burned in hell.

The aroma was so heady, the atmosphere so cozy.

I grabbed the stalk and turned the brinjal this way and that to get it evenly roasted. The warmth in the kitchen nicely permeated the pores in my skin and by the time the milk began to rise, the brinjal was almost done.

Ah, the smoky flavor!

I switched off the stove and did what I had originally come to do – made my coffee. Placed the smoking brinjal on a tray and went to enjoy the coffee.

Later I chopped up onions, garlic and sauted them in oil and added chopped tomatoes to this. After it cooked, I added some red chili powder, turmeric, a little jeera/cumin seeds powder, coriander powder and a little dry mango powder. To this, I blended the peeled and chopped roasted brinjal and mixed thoroughly. As it cooked, I added salt to taste along with some garam masala powder. Another 5 minutes to go for it to settle in, simmering.

I used this time to quickly knead the dough for the rotis.

Then I switched off the stove and garnished the baingan bharta with chopped coriander leaves. I spooned some into the rectangular dish Vidur loves so much.

Then we were off to enjoy lunch together…and naturally it was time for another coffee!

Yep. Washing up can wait. There are more important things in life!

If there is one thing I’ve learned very well, it is this: when Life calls, answer! Nothing else matters. And I thank you for the wisdom, Mi.

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