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Seeing Things

Seeing things Coffee With Mi

Or rather, not seeing things in my case, Mi. Did I tell you about my new specs story? Well, not that I really had problems with the existing pair, but you know how it is…have to do the routine annual full eye exam thanks to the diabetes. So off I...


Some thens and nows

Thens and nows Coffee With Mi

Talking of thens-and-nows, the last time I travelled on 8th Main and passed the church, our old friend wasn’t there, Mi. Of course I freaked out a little wondering where he was. It has been raining, so perhaps he had moved to the bus stop shelter on the other side?...


The Bird still sings

the bird still sings. Coffee With Mi

You know, I always mean to tell you this, Mi! Remember that mynah we’d hear the moment we woke up? Those days when we had our bedrooms in the adjacent rooms? It continues to sing! It is like a precious connection–as in, one of the things that haven’t changed. Nice...



Signs Coffee With Mi

Happenings. Sounds a lot like extra-terrestrial sightings, right? Well, almost. Let me begin with the pleasanter things that I am now taking for granted. That heart when I pour water on the coffee powder in the filter. The moment I think of you, there it is. I mean, if I...


Alterations and altercations

alterations and altercations vidya sury

By the way, Mi, remember I told you about my mini-forced shopping during Navratri?  So those Kalamkari blouses were one size larger than I wanted. I had suspected it, but thought I could manage. But then I thought why not see if the next size would be right since the...


After a long time

after a long time coffee with mi

On a whim, today I decided to wear a saree, Mi. I know you would be thrilled to hear that. I had to do the Navratri hop and thought, why not a saree today? So, I checked for the color of the day–grey–and picked the grey cotton saree with the...


A time to remember

A time to remember Vidya Sury

Today, while channel-surfing casually–I was waiting to open the cooker–I came across DD airing MS Subbulakshmi’s Bhaja Govindam, Mi! She would have been 100 years old today, you know. Oh, that dear charming face, the gorgeous voice! How wonderful it was to listen. As the song played I quickly got...

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