Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Friends will be friends

I miss hearing this song, listening to you asking me to please turn down the volume, Mi. And then, that day I fell sick, you put it on the cassette player and turned up the volume, hoping to cheer me up.

I miss you. Especially today, when I feel a little low. I came back from our trip with an itchy face with streaks of dry skin, insect bites, a nose bleed, toothache and a big fear of how my blood tests, which were due, would turn out. Ugh.

Coconut oil is my best friend now: all but the areas around the eyes and cheeks are clearing up. I look a bit ancient around the eyes–probably taking longer because the skin there is softer. The insect bite is also healing, albeit slowly. During the trip, boroplus was my best friend.

There is never a day when I don’t regret not listening to you about taking care of my hair. It is falling in droves but ironically, length-wise, it is growing. What’s the use? Who wants a thinning pony tail? Bah!

I have to smile when I think of how sporting you were, after the three months bed rest, when the physiotherapist started the process of mobilizing you. Your hair, in spite of the care had matted a bit and in a moment, you said “just chop it off”. We did try to untangle it but then, after you urged me a few times, I cut it off. So regretfully. You had beautiful hair, and as a child, I recall being in awe of your knee length curly thick hair in its braid. On the days you washed it, I would love to stand close to you, hugging you, letting your tresses flow over me, fragrant with the homemade shikakai and then, sambrani treatment. Then paati would oil it and braid it for you. What lovely memories, Mi!

Now, I have more stresses than tresses. Haha, I am pretty good at handling stress, and just couldn’t help saying that. But yes, I do stress over my tresses, rather futilely.

Maybe I’ll just chop my hair off also one of these days. Just getting together the guts to do it. And of course, a good hair dresser. That Chinese lady in Mumbai was so cool! My best haircut ever.

There’ll never be anyone I can talk to, the way I can talk to you, Mi. Yes, friends, right till the end. Except now, it is “my end”

Every one is so busy. Too busy to connect, even. Of course, there’s also the matter of inclination, eh? What can time alone do?

Thank you for being my best friend. I am grateful for the memories.

Let’s enjoy the song ♥ while I go make the second coffee.

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  1. I remember using Boro Plus during my student days. It’s important to nurture this human connection with our closed ones and sad that social media has replaced this warmth.

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