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Walking on sunshine

vidya sury sunshine

Ya know when I was walking on the terrace yesterday, Mi, and missing Vidur as usual, I couldn’t help thinking how lucky I am. And so, I lapsed into a conversation in my head with you and Vidur in turns. As I looked up at the blue sky and the...


Two Miracles and Some Crazy Stuff

I am here to report a miracle Mi. Two in fact. The day before yesterday I ran all the way from Triveni road to the Y’pur circle bus-stop and didn’t pant! I was amazed at myself on two counts. One, I hate to jog, you know. I simply abhor jiggly...


You Are Going To Love This

The day before yesterday, I had to go buy curd because we were living dangerously*, Mi!. Yep, last pack. And you know how the last pack is – it leaves you wanting that little bit more. So I toddled down 11th cross to the HOPCOMS outlet – by the way,...


Mom Sweet Mom. Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day

Home is where Mom is, right? Right. I am thinking of all the “happy Mothers Days” we’ve celebrated in our own way. What really stands out is the love and joy we felt. Even though we argued a lot and were rather radically different by nature, we were firmly bonded...



Happy Birthday, Mi. Snatched away at 64…you would have been 69 today. Always alive in our hearts. Here is the essence of this song’s truly beautiful lyrics: We have never seen Him (God) But there is no need to, because how can His face be different from yours, oh Mom?...


Of sweat, laughter and tears

vidya sury peepul

Feels rather sick to get a whiff of our own sweat, Mi. So warm! In spite of those heavy rains a couple of days ago. More like splashing water on a hot griddle! You know, I can’t sit slumped because wherever skin contacts skin, it becomes wet. On the other...


Life, that four letter word

So am heading towards one month of diabetes – on March 8. How funny. International Women’s Day. Discovery day was Feb 8. I was so keen to do something amazing and of course – you know me. I decided to do myself a favor and get a full health check...

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