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Fall Bucket List #SITSBlogging

I like to think we’re enjoying “Fall” right now, Mi. The ground is covered with flowers wherever there’s a tree and when I step out early in the morning, it is lovely to see yellow, pink and cream everywhere. Remember how Vidur and you would return home from your walks with lots of sampige petals tied in your handkerchief? Ah, the memory!

So what do I have on my Fall bucket list for this year?

Let’s list them.

  1. ​Clutter clearing. I am already at it and have been extending my deadline for achieving what I intend to. It takes so damn long you know, because life gets in the way. Still, I am not going to give up and I am now extending the date to November. Technically that’s the end of Fall eh? So I’ll be busy giving away stuff until whatever I want to let go off has gone, making space for new things.
  2. Navratri is on my Fall list. This year I am thinking of nimbu lamps every day. And a sundal – sprouts is anyway part of my diet, so I’ll simply offer it at the altar before I eat it.
  3. Then there’s maavilakku (rice flour lamp) during Purattasi – I must look up the date for it.
  4. Diwali will also be in October I think…so planning for that.
  5. Cupboard cleaning – haha, never ending eh?
  6. Must take stock of our books. Gosh, the dusting is so tiring! Must make space for Vidur’s new books, Mi. That chip off the old block, I say!
  7. I want to re-paint those pots which we painted years ago. This time I am thinking of a pitch black…or do you think I should go with bright cobalt blue? Undecided.
  8. Want to paint the shoe cupboard. I thought of replacing it, but I am now thinking – why? We’re used to the existing one. So why not simply refurbish it? That’s what I’ll do.
  9. Must set up a routine for myself. I really ought to get to bed sooner.

And that’s all for Fall.

You’ll hang around my soul to remind me, right? Yes, I know you will, tempting me from the kitchen door… and I know I’ll just end up crying into my coffee.


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