Memories from another day . . .

You know how it is

You know how it is

So just like that, another year passed in my life and I turned one year younger and wiser. Seems strange to me that with each passing year, I miss you especially more on these significant days. After all, a birthday is a personal special festival,…

Thens and Nows Again

Thens and Nows Again

Do you remember the days when we thought eating ice cream in the rain was exciting, Mi? And we did, too. We walked out in the drizzle, even if we got drenched eventually, to the ice cream parlor some distance away and enjoyed that casatta…



Today was one of those days, Mi. Solid butterfingers. Right from making the coffee. See, as usual, I had set the milk to boil on one burner. Then the pan of water for the coffee filter. As usual, while this was happening, I cleared the shelves of all the washed utensils. All the while keeping an eye on the milk because you know how it stealthily rises in a whooooosh suddenly.

And I was just about to put away the last of the things on the shelf when the milk did rise in a whoosh and before my not-so-quick instincts could react and switch off the stove, the milk spilled over. You know how it is–it was like milk milk everywhere! Then began the chore of cleaning it up. I just decided to laugh it off and off I went to light the lamp. Put in my requests for the day and back to the kitchen.

Realized the atta bin was empty and brought the pack from the pantry to refill. Just as I thought I had finished, the packet twisted and spilled the flour–on the counter, on me, on the floor. Hmph! Decided to laugh this off.

Then brought the bhindi from the fridge to cut and make subzi. Washed the bhindi, cut it and before placing the pan on the stove, washed my hands. Oh yeah, the big bowl of water on the counter just tipped over. Really? I thought. Mopped it up. After all, as Sury says, it is just water. Took this opportunity to use the spilled water to mop the floor.

Adjusting the halo around my head, and hoping there would be no more mishaps, I cooked the bhindi, peeled the pomegranates and kneaded the atta. Without much incidence. But hey, am I speaking too soon? It was only 8 am and I have the whole day ahead to work my magic.

Oh, I think I really need my second cuppa now. I am so glad I didn’t tip the filter. That would have been heart-breaking!

I feel like a bit of a headless chicken – what with the countdown – just five days more, and that includes today. Sigh. One would think one might get used to this, but no. Always a Mommy, right?

And so I run around, make my lists, call in my “network” such as it is to get all those things done. Grateful for online shopping you know, so time-saving. This time I even bought a suitcase online! And most of Vidur’s t-shirts.

Tomorrow I will begin to pack. This time I have tried my best to plan ahead as much as I can. Especially on the work front. I invariably end up scurrying around to finish ridiculous deadlines late into the night before we leave – which is usually early next morning, while Sury freaks out. This time, I am hoping not to do that. But I can’t control everything, can I? Emergencies will happen.

And yeah, this too shall pass. Maybe it will pass like a kidney stone, but yeah, it will pass, won’t it?

Did I tell you I am cutting down on the coffee? And I think it is doing me good. Also, I really appreciate the half cup when I enjoy it. I wake up just a little earlier so I can sit and enjoy it in peace, mulling over the to-do list for the day and generally feeling good.

Remember how much we enjoyed this movie at the open air theater in Bowenpally back in 1974? The song played on Vividh Bharti today and I thought of you so much. How we waited anxiously at the bus stop for your bus so we could take you directly to see the movie at 7 pm. We had packed dinner to eat it during the interval. What cozy days, Mi.

Back to the rottine

Back to the rottine

You’ll find it so funny if I admit this, Mi. I was happy to make rotis today. Hence the rottine–you know. (Courtesy Sury of course). I asked him if he found it amusing that I enjoyed making the rotis today and he quickly said of…

Catching up

Catching up

We are back home! One week in the Andamans was wonderful, Mi. No internet. Phone calls barely going through, with us saying “hello, hello, voice is breaking, can’t hear you” most of the time. Yet we had a good time, the three of us together,…

Nostalgia on demand

Nostalgia on demand

Does that even make sense? Yes, it does, Mi, because that’s exactly what we tried to do. And succeeded. But let me begin from the beginning.

So as usual, U and I, during one of our marathon phone calls laughed our heads off over how often we make plans but don’t always follow through. Sure we meet, but rushing around with not enough time is always the norm. This time we promised ourselves that we will meet and do a leisure time pass around our area. However, we being we, we did make a list because you know how there are always chores to do.

Predictably, we had to reschedule as I had to hang around at home to receive an important speed post. But no sooner than it arrived, we took off. As we tackled our stuff, we caught up on our stories. While we do that on the phone, it really makes such a difference to meet up and laugh together, no? We had intended to go to the mall but decided to postpone that for the following day and instead, spent time at the market indulging in window shopping.

We bought jamuns, by the way, from a really nice lady near Food Camp. What joy when the vendor is kind and allows us to pick. Total deal breaker.

We had a most enjoyable time. Around 5, it looked like it might rain and at the first drizzle, we jumped into an auto and headed home, only to find that it was a weather tease. Promising to meet again the next day, U left.

And guess what? This is the punchline = we met the next day after an early lunch. What peace we have when we’ve completed morning household stuff! I made bhindi ka saalan and paratha. Must make mirch and arbi ka saalan one of these days.

We had a pleasant time at the mall—replete with family gossip and all. At one point, when we were talking about you, we stopped in our tracks and cried! Can you imagine? It all started with me telling U how fond you were of her and how you would have appreciated her planning today. Then we talked about her mom and the crying continued for a while. We decided we must come back again here soon and exited, to go have a snack before we returned home.

We scolded each other for not doing this often when we very well could. But life always gets in the way, right? By the way, P is graduating next month and of course, U will be going. Can you imagine her married? So cute. M will also graduate in Aug but the date isn’t fixed yet. It’s amazing to see these kids all grown up and managing their lives. Sigh.

Soon Vidur will finish his course–he has one more year to go. How quickly the four years seem to have gone. We hang on to the moments when he’s home. Letting go sucks, Mi. Really it does. I remember those days when you’d say you missed Vidur when school reopened after the summer vacation. I’d tease you saying he’ll be back home before you know it. At 2.45 you’d pace the corridor waiting to hug him with the front door open. I know how you felt. And I imagine how it would have been if you’d been home now–when he’s studying on campus in a different city. You’d probably monopolize the phone calls. ♥

We fantasize about these what ifs, you know? Sometimes I think it is so unfair. When I think that we can only be sure of our kids being home until the 12th grade, it is scary. When Vidur joined the five-year course, it was heart-breaking to come back home after his admission and see all his stuff all over the place, without his presence. Yet life goes on, does it not? All said and done, we want him to get a good education and do well in life.

Sigh. Coffee, please.

The photo above is from a trip to the zoo–it was mesmerizing and very soothing to see the tortoises absolutely still on the log. As if time stood still and waited.