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Alterations and altercations

alterations and altercations vidya sury

By the way, Mi, remember I told you about my mini-forced shopping during Navratri?  So those Kalamkari blouses were one size larger than I wanted. I had suspected it, but thought I could manage. But then I thought why not see if the next size would be right since the...


New things

new things vidya sury

We had to replace the kitchen tap. About time, too. This time I splurged a bit and got one of those taps that don’t need to be turned, the one with a lever, just like the bathroom washbasin tap. So hilarious we still have the tiny basin the bathroom no? And...


Just Do It

I imagined you said that, and did. What, you ask? Eat oranges. Yes, I am actually enjoying oranges almost every day. Until, of course someone says it is not good for me. These days, as soon as Vidur and I return from our walk, we wash our feet and hands...


Playing Catch Up

Coffee with mi vidya sury

So Mi, I think I’ve gone completely crazy. I spent November writing my heart (and perhaps other organs) out. I am continuing to do the same in December because I am on a roll and you know what happens when that happens. When my mind is made up, nothing deters...


Yesterday Once More

I am sorry to report the demise of the idli knife, Mi. Not quite, actually. It is not in ICU though. Since only the handle which was already broken is gone, it was just a casualty. The knife part is intact and continues to be usable. But it sure felt...


Of Goings and Comings

​So Diwali came and went, Mi. Somehow, this year seems to be whizzing by, mostly courtesy Vidur, who makes my head spin with his busy-ness. There was a time when I was the busiest, or appeared to be. Now, it doesn’t seem like that, what with not having the kind...


Coffee With Mi, Close To My Heart

coffee with mi

Today’s flavor is a nonet, Mi. Yep – a nine-liner. My best coffees have been with you, Mi. Okay, my eyes just glazed over. Sigh! “I believe in love at first sight, because I’ve loved my Mom ever since I opened my eyes” Coffee With Mi Coffee Fragrance gently invades...

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