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Two Miracles and Some Crazy Stuff

I am here to report a miracle Mi. Two in fact. The day before yesterday I ran all the way from Triveni road to the Y’pur circle bus-stop and didn’t pant! I was amazed at myself on two counts. One, I hate to jog, you know. I simply abhor jiggly boobs. Two, I imagine a headache. So I surprised myself by jogging to catch the bus and when I realized I wasn’t breathless, I thought hey, what the? Heh heh. Second miracle is the empty laundry bag. Enough said. Except this miracle has become a habit now. Stand up and applaud!

I am having a love-hate relationship with that smaller saucepan. Stupid thing’s base is almost the same diameter as the burner on which it sits and just when the water begins to boil, it tilts and never fails to freak me out. Of course the water spills, which is why I put it on the back burner, or I’d have scalding water on me. As if I need that. I already look crazy with all the nicks, burns and whatnot from being careless.

Incidentally, I got totally taken in by a moisturizer pack at Reliance – they had a very attractive promo price and I added it to my trolley. I swear I thought it was Vaseline – the pack was identical and I thought nothing of it when I saw it said “Joy” – somewhere inside my head I assumed Vaseline was calling this line “Joy”. So after I bathed, I was eager to try it. You know I can’t live without moisturizer. It smelled familiar…and I realized it was similar to Ayur creams. After I applied it, I curiously picked up the pack and read what was on it…imagine my stunned surprise to see it wasn’t Vaseline! I had such a good laugh! Reminded me of that huge pack of Rajangaon candy one neighbor gave me when I was four or five, remember? Gopumama was the one who realized that the logo-lettering was identical to Ravalgaon. But I just can’t believe I was taken in by the identical pack! Ha ha! Anyway, the moisturizer is good.

I cleaned out the small cupboard the other day – and sat with your handbag for a few minutes. I found your address book, Rs.6 and a packet of​​ cloves and my eyes involuntarily filled with tears. Do you know that the bus fare is now Rs.6 to Y’pur?

By the way, I am having scissor problems. When our fiskar scissors broke, I guiltily started to use that nice one with the black handle. Now even that has become blunt. You wouldn’t put it past me to use the huge one in the tailoring kit, right? I remember how you would get mad at me when I used it to cut paper. ​I hate those small craft ones.​

Which reminds me – must play with those designer crafts scissors we bought. Not sure if I gifted them away or still have them. I am in the mood to cut some zig-zags!

Now, coffee, first.​ I feel as though I deserve it!

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4 thoughts on “Two Miracles and Some Crazy Stuff

  1. I jus luv this blog of urs vids. Truly me it had been my coast companion over lady few weeks… Jus been lazy to comment. But I did msg u n fb to tell the same

  2. I loved your two miracles – a bit same as mine. The other day both our lifts were out of order (which never ever happens) and I climbed up 9 floors without any side effects :-). No knee pain and no tiredness. I was amazed too. And the second miracle is mine too temporarily so, but still. Oh and my mom used to scream at us for using her scissors to cut paper too. How come I always find my stuff on your blog?

  3. Haha! Your graphic description of the ‘smaller saucepan’ reminded me of a similar saucepan we had ‘a love-hate relationship with’ a few years back.

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