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Dough Vs. Batter

I am building my recipes as I go. It feels quite funny. Yesterday I thought I’d make roti and subzi. So I chopped onions and cabbage with the intention of mixing it with the flour for dough to make a two-in-one one dish meal supplemented with salad and curd.

Then I chopped tomatoes, capsicum and cucumber for my salad. As I admired my chopped veggies sitting in the large bowl looking colorful and cheerful, a thought struck me. Why make dough when I could simply make batter and make dosas instead?

Less work and no less nutritious.

So I took two tablespoons of multi millet atta (yeah, my new gluten-free, diabetes-friendly love) and dissolved it in a little water. Then added the onions and cabbage to it.

On second thoughts, I put in the tomatoes and capsicum as well. The more, the merrier I thought!

Cucumber makes a very good standalone salad anyway, right!

I added a pinch of salt, turmeric powder and chili flakes to the veggie batter and let it sit for 5 minutes before heating the griddle and making three dosas for myself. It was yum, I say! The onion really makes all the difference. I had it with a cup of curd and the salad.

Vidur has a good laugh when I tell him what I ate every day. Some days when I stack the pressure cooker with sprouts and veggies, it carries over for two days. I make four different dishes so it doesn’t seem like the same thing. No “repeatays”. Makes sense and saves energy too.

You know how I enjoy eating salt-less stuff. It is all working out for me. Two weeks in Mohali really freaked out my blood sugar levels and I am working hard to bring it back to acceptable levels. I am also due for my check up, which means I must go for my list of blood tests. All in good time.

I am also clearing the pantry, roasting, cleaning, discarding. I cried when I saw the arrabiata sauce but smiled when I saw it was valid for 12 months as that meant Vidur would be able to enjoy it when he comes home for the hols.

One of my favorite go-to snacks these days is chopping up an apple, sprinking it with pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and muesli. Filling and healthy and of course, tasty. Important eh?

vidya sury apple muesli snack

I love sprouting methi seeds (fenugreek) and eating them with curd. Very dessert-like, I think! I soak two spoons of methi seeds in a glass of water at night before I go to bed and drink the water in the morning as soon as I wake up. THen I drain the soaked seeds and let them sprout. They almost taste sweet when they are fully sprouted.


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  1. I would go for dosa over a salad any day! My reasons being that the former is more appealing to my palate. Methi with curd sounds like a good idea for a dessert, yet to try it though.

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