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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


Having such a lovely time sorting through the toys, Mi. I know, I wish I could keep them forever, but what’s the point. Vidur asked a wonderfully valid question: better to give them to kids who’ll play with them than store them, right? Yes, of course.

So I am doing the wise thing by taking photos of all the stuff I am packing to give away. Can’t help keeping some of the stuff…also some things are not suitable to give away. I mean, how can I gift a 1500-piece jigsaw puzzle to a three-year-old? Also, I cried holding the box, feeling sad that you didn’t live to enjoy it.

I always thought you were super-cute in the things you liked to do. I loved how you would quickly finish cooking, wind up in the kitchen and rush to settle down to read that thriller. And you laughed when you knew I wouldn’t show you a book until I finished it – not at all hard to do since I was out for a good part of the day and the waiting hours were perfect to catch up on reading. I loved how you enjoyed trying your hand at just about everything. You always believed I could do anything I set my mind to do.

I am sorry I didn’t finish that series of miniature paintings. I still remember how shocked you were to see the first one—and the pride in your expression. I am also sorry I didn’t sing more for you—and I wish I had continued to practice. Silly how we squash our talents and fill our time with mundane stuff. What to do, though? That stuff has to be done too.

There are days when I follow the dust-if-I-must principle but that cannot become a habit. Sigh. Still, it is nice to think that I can play hooky and do my thang if I want. The only thing I feel gleeful with is reading. I do occasionally sketch but I am a bit lazy about being consistent about it. Also, I have a pile of DIY I’ve been wanting to do. Upcycling stuff basically. A denim bag. A caftan. A poncho. A bag with multiple pouches that I can hang up. Painting one of the walls. Putting up those cute decals I’ve got.

I really doubt if I will get all that done within the time frame I have in mind because summer has started with a vengeance and it is super warm. Even the fan is not enough as it just generates heat after a while. And we have no intention of getting an AC. He he.

I have such fond memories of those days when we would arrange the chairs in such a way under the fan that we could spread out a wet bed sheet across the tops and lay down under it to enjoy the cool breeze. It would be short lived though as the bed sheet would dry pretty quickly. Still, what fun. Then of course the constant wet towel we had around our neck.

I loved how you always wore jasmine in your hair so it would smell good, mingled with the shampoo. And I love how you always smelled of sandal soap. These days I just slink by the flower ladies because I just don’t feel like buying. Maybe I should.

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Vidya Sury

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2 thoughts on “Wishlists

  1. Oh my dear Vidya. Warm, big, tender hugs. I love your Mi posts. Always have, ever since I stumbled upon them ages ago. They are the best part of you, in my opinion. I know that your main blog is wonderful, but this blog is the one I come to when I want to read your soul.

    Hugs and big hugs. Mi is watching and smiling and blessing. You know this and I know this. Don’t stress about not doing enough. You are enough, just the way you are.

  2. Vidya, this is so heartfelt, I haven’t met you personally yet, neither do I know what you sound like. But I can actually hear you speak your heart aloud. You bring a flood of emotions with this touching letter.

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