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Nostalgic Conversations

Nostalgic Conversations

Sometime in July 2012 – you know nostalgia arrives unannounced, Mi. Enjoy. Me: Oy, what are you watching V: Oh, am waiting for my program to start in ten minutes…so I thought I’d keep the channel on in case I…

Some bathroom talk and other normal things

You know yesterday I kept thinking of jadiya Narendra from Little Flowers. I remembered how he would keep locking people in the bathroom in school. I never thought he would do that to me–because I was a teacher’s kid. But he did,…

Constant Variables

Amidst making stuffed parathas and binge-watching a show to completion and giving Vidur a haircut and getting groceries, veggies and fruits, I tired myself out, Mi! Just being in the kitchen itself is an exercise in fitness. All that sweating…

Just some chai chit chat

Never thought I would bake bread, Mi. Thanks to the oven – and a few experiments putting two and three together and coming up with eight, I managed to make a fairly perfect loaf. No yeast, wholewheat bread no less….

You know how it is

You know how it is

So just like that, another year passed in my life and I turned one year younger and wiser. Seems strange to me that with each passing year, I miss you especially more on these significant days. After all, a birthday…

Thens and Nows Again

Do you remember the days when we thought eating ice cream in the rain was exciting, Mi? And we did, too. We walked out in the drizzle, even if we got drenched eventually, to the ice cream parlor some distance…

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