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Seeing Things

Seeing things Coffee With Mi

Or rather, not seeing things in my case, Mi. Did I tell you about my new specs story? Well, not that I really had problems with the existing pair, but you know how it is…have to do the routine annual full eye exam thanks to the diabetes. So off I...


Odds and Weirds

Odds and weirds Coffee With Mi

So last night, very cleverly I stacked the pressure cooker, feeling very proud of myself for deciding on dinner in my head while walking, Mi! Fifteen minutes later not a peep from the cooker! Also, a strange smell. Of course we assumed it was not our kitchen. Then anyway, seconds...


Some thens and nows

Thens and nows Coffee With Mi

Talking of thens-and-nows, the last time I travelled on 8th Main and passed the church, our old friend wasn’t there, Mi. Of course I freaked out a little wondering where he was. It has been raining, so perhaps he had moved to the bus stop shelter on the other side?...


Trying to keep calm and carry on

keep calm and carry on

By the way, remember those days when you would say you felt “fumes” Mi? I feel like that now sometimes. A weird smell stuck to my nose. Triggers with certain things. Unrelated things like (gasp!) coffee–which should actually be holding me in its trance with the rich fragrance; the dish...


If onlys

If onlys Coffee WIth mi

So the cold that knocked on the fortress door–fortress being me–decided to stay. The usual nonsense followed: rapidly worsening throat, cold, blocked nose, runny nose, constant headache, restlessness. You of all people know me when I am sick, Mi. I know what a pain I used to be. Just as...



Trying to be super-efficient is sometimes a pain. Literally, Mi. These days I sleep late even though I intend to knock off to bed early. What early. By the time I lay my head on my pillow it is almost 1 am. And I have only myself to blame! Determined...


Chutneys, Coffees and Crybabies

Chutneys, Coffees and Crybabies #memoirs #reflections

I am on a chutney rampage, Mi. With all the hospital visits, I have to keep the chutneys, podis and gotsus in the fridge, at the ready when we need a quick meal. Having these makes it easier to whip up that one-dish, either with the millet flakes or good...

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