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Some bathroom talk and other normal things

You know yesterday I kept thinking of jadiya Narendra from Little Flowers. I remembered how he would keep locking people in the bathroom in school. I never thought he would do that to me–because I was a teacher’s kid. But he did,…

Constant Variables

Amidst making stuffed parathas and binge-watching a show to completion and giving Vidur a haircut and getting groceries, veggies and fruits, I tired myself out, Mi! Just being in the kitchen itself is an exercise in fitness. All that sweating…

Just some chai chit chat

Never thought I would bake bread, Mi. Thanks to the oven – and a few experiments putting two and three together and coming up with eight, I managed to make a fairly perfect loaf. No yeast, wholewheat bread no less….

Food. But naturally!

I made cauliflower paratha today, Mi – and missed you. It looks like we must have a paratha fest because there’s radish and patta gobi/cabbage – two endearing veggies we prefer in a paratha. Ah well. Not complaining! Me, I’d…

Veggie talk

Veggie talk

So I bought a load of beet root because a. we like it b. i wanted to make halwa and other things c. well, it is reasonably priced. But thanks to the heat, the poor things started to shrivel. Barely two…

Everything is figure-out-able

We are going through a lock down right now, Mi. It’s a curfew where we must avoid getting out so we can stay home stay safe from the virus that has now become a pandemic. Can you imagine? Essential services…

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