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Song Sung Blue

Seriously, Mi! I keep humming a lot of old songs we used to listen to regularly and always end up crying a little. Yes, you know I am such a crybaby these days. Unexpected things trigger those tears and I get all choked up.

You know those days – in the early 80s where we switched buses, I used to meet a bunch of classmates whose brothers hung around with us. Among them, there was this guy with the unlikely name “Tirupati” who sang Andy Gibb’s songs beautifully, one of which was “Shadow Dancing” So hilarious to hear the accent coming from him you know.

Then do you remember Valsala’s Mom singing “Himagiri thanaye hemalathe“? Oh gosh, how you and Gopmama would make me sing it like her again and again! Wonder where they are now. After we heard about them moving to Madras, we lost touch. He he, thank God!

I smile fondly, remembering T take off on a song completely out of pitch but brave enough to sing it, with that i-don’t-care-a-damn attitude.

And you, what a sweet voice you had! I know I teased you so much when you added those extra notes, but did you know I adored how you did that? Sigh. I regret we didn’t run around with handheld devices everywhere during those days – it would have been so nice to record your voice. Also – pictures together. Even though we had more than one camera, we have very few photos of you and I together, because one of us was always behind the camera.

Now, memories are all we have left. When I listen to Mukesh’s “Tu kahe agar” and “Kisiki muskarahaton pe ho nisaar” I remember how much you loved those songs and enjoyed them when Sury sang them. Oh, what beautiful lyrics! And I always thought they suited you to perfection!

We may say there are no regrets, but there always are, you know? That’s because the past is like that, always holding space for regrets, things we coulda, shoulda done. All there is left is a lump in my throat.

Talking about the past, guess who I met on Facebook? I was so surprised to see a message from Ed. Our neighbors from Asiad Colony. Imagine, after all these years! Caroline is married and so is her daughter! Annie is married and has a daughter. And of course Ed, who remembers I taught him chemistry, is also married with a daughter. We were sad to exchange news of lost family members. It was very nice talking to him. They still live in Madras.

Mi, these days I really have to be a Fatafat Jayalakshmi – the housework seems never ending. Or is it that I am slower? Technology is crazy, it makes life easy as well as tough. The day before yesterday, I was so creeped out with my mailbox that I just switched off and tackled housework and felt great. Instant gratification, you see!

And now, my Wednesday Wishes. Yes, I know today is Friday, but if Claudya can be generous enough to open the link I missed, I think it is fine to have Wednesday Wishes.

  • I received a bit of a jolt a couple of weeks ago and I wish my sugar stays stable.
  • Vidur has tests coming up and I wish he does them well.
  • I wish Nabanita’s Mom returns to good health soon!
  • Come join me in wishing Claudya’s Wednesday Wishes come true!

I wonder if I can wish for a genie to come clean up the house? Oh well. No harm dreaming.


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  1. I love that song Vidya. Each time I listen to it I feel my spirits lift. There’s something sweet and simple yet captivating. And I love your conversations with your mum even more – the way they come straight from the heart. Off to Claudya’s now.

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