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Sweet Talking

Did I tell you I got a cute butternut squash? Got it at Namdhari. Quite like our red pumpkin, only not so red. It is a pleasing orange. Rather peachy, if you ask me. Fine, don’t ask.  Yes, I saw you grin. I know you won’t ask and never mind...


Yesterday Once More

I am sorry to report the demise of the idli knife, Mi. Not quite, actually. It is not in ICU though. Since only the handle which was already broken is gone, it was just a casualty. The knife part is intact and continues to be usable. But it sure felt...


Of Goings and Comings

​So Diwali came and went, Mi. Somehow, this year seems to be whizzing by, mostly courtesy Vidur, who makes my head spin with his busy-ness. There was a time when I was the busiest, or appeared to be. Now, it doesn’t seem like that, what with not having the kind...


Oh, those 80s hits!

If I ever had to rewind to a time in my life, it would have to be the 80’s, Mi. Significant for so many reasons. Our lives changed for ever when we moved from Hyderabad the first time. To me it seemed like the end of the world because we...


I Knew It Was My Last Day There

Vidya Sury

I knew it was my last day there, Mi. I dressed formally even though I knew it would be a relaxed day at office. It would be a happy-sad day, reminiscing about good times. As I felt the love and heard the “I’ll miss you’s”, I thought, how lucky I...


If Ignorance Is Bliss, Why Aren’t More People Happy

Remember how Grandma used to keep quoting that, Mi? “Kanna moodina ulagam maranjuduma di?” (Loosely translated – If you close your eyes will the universe cease to exist?) For some, it is easier to stick that head in the sand because ignorance is bliss. And that sand can seem pretty...


If only you were here

We were getting ready to attend Smriti Diwas, the annual event at Vidur’s Music School. I couldn’t help thinking of 2008, when he performed solo the very first time. Sury and he went early while you and I were to follow. The autorickshaw arrived, but try as you might, you...

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