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And so the story goes

Funny…and amazing how life goes on, Mi. It is 6 years now since Fe 8, 2010.

For me the day dawned much like every day the past week – rather dull. I am hating the smell of turpentine, what with having to put ear drops four times a day. It is like a job. I can officially tell you how awful it is not to have 100% hearing. Can’t wait for this to clear up. I imagined that after going to the doc and seven days of medication I’d be fine, but no. The wound healed but the ears are still blocked. Anyway, I use the time by catching up on reading, and napping a bit in the process.

Some days I freak out thinking, waning vision and now hearing? Eww. My eyes filled up to think of how your vision deteriorated and how you adamantly refused to undergo the eye operation suggested by the doc. I couldn’t help smiling through the tears as I recalled you saying – aa, oo, na operation-a? So easy for the doctors to write that prescription and order that surgery. Okay let’s hijack that train of thought as it will only lead to a river of profanity.

Today, as we celebrate our nineteenth wedding anniversary, my mind enjoyed some solid time travel into anniversaries past. How lovingly you would plan the menu! For my part, I made Sury’s favorite arbi in spite of his protests telling me to take it easy. To add to the ear thingy I have a cold I am fighting, so mornings are annoying. But then the satisfaction that comes with cooking and packing a lunch box in the morning is something I’d hate to skip. So I stoically do it no matter what. On days when Sury travels, you can imagine how I miss the activity – I could certainly cook my lunch but you know how laziness takes over!

By the way, I was feeling guilty about not talking to G mama for months. Of course, neither did they bother to call. In fact, there are NO calls from family, Mi, can you believe that? All those “close” family people were around just to take advantage of us for as long as they could and drifted off. But in the case of G mama, I just couldn’t think it was okay. After all, some relationships we just cannot keep score over, right?

So the day before yesterday I just picked up the phone and called and had a very long chat. I felt so much peace after I did that you know. Not that they were in the least bit regretful that we hadn’t talked for a long time. Are you surprised? I mean, I called them after Vidur’s 12th std results to a lukewarm response. So when I told them what he’s doing now it was an “oh!”.

I guess all these are lessons in life. And of course we live and learn. Ultimately, it appears to be enough if we care for ourselves and our own family. Nobody else really cares, you know. If we want news about anyone, all we have to do is look in our Facebook feed, assuming we’re connected with them.

And so the story goes.

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