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Guru Devo Bhava

Happy Teacher’s Day, Mi! I have such happy memories of Teachers’ Day celebrations – both as a student and the short time I substituted as a teacher at your school for three months when Emy went on study leave. What brings a smile to my face is how you used...


Fragrant Memories

Fragrant Memories Coffee With Mi

​Mi, the other day, I opened your cupboard (yes, it will always be your cupboard) to take something out and as usual, fondly stroked your soft leather handbag. As usual, I opened it and sniffed inside, to savor the mixed fragrance of the dried champa petals you always loved to...


Food for the soul

Food for the soul Mi

Mi, I often wonder what is the one thing I can’t live without, when it comes to food. Predictably, the not so unusual answer that consistently comes to mind is curd. Truly, food for the soul. Besides the fact that I grew up with the dear old “thairinjaam” or curd...


Something Fresh on the Skyline

I am combining two prompts today – Skyline and Something Fresh, Mi! You know, during our recent trip to Toronto, you might as well have been there with us, since we talked about you non-stop. How could we not! Every sight we saw, everything we ate, every place we visited...



That “Emergency” sign always brings a huge lump in my throat. It reminds me of all those occasions when I had to drop everything and run with no real idea of the outcome. But along with the sadness, there have also been times when the situation turned into smiles and...

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