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The Softest Baby Skin

Babies. Just the word brings on such a happy smile and warm feelings. Our entire being fills with peace. We think of innocence, soft skin, delightful gurgles and cuddly sweet-smelling bundles. Our Vidur was all of that, wasn’t he, Mi? Do you remember the day we brought him home? He was five days old. While we were still in a trance over this precious new member in our family, we also worried about taking good care of him so that he would grow healthy.

While breast feeding exclusively took care of his diet during the first six months, we also had crucial babycare aspects to focus on, such as his skin. After his 9-month cozy residence where his only connection with the world was sound, to which he responded with vigorous kicks, he was out in the world, and ready to be exposed to an entirely new environment. We were all set to pamper him with all the love we were capable of. And because he was a winter baby born in November we were even more conscious about keeping his sensitive skin supple, itch-free, and healthy. We were nervous about skin rashes, because we knew it was common with newborns.

After six months, we made sure he stayed hydrated during summer with enough water.

But my top favorite five ways to keep baby’s soft skin safe are:

1. Keeping them safe from insect bites

We made sure he slept under a fine mosquito net, to avoid insect bites We also had a bowl of water with camphor inside it as extra protection. We didn’t want to apply anything more than necessary to minimize the possibility of allergic reactions on his sensitive skin.

2. Patting skin dry and moisturizing with gentle massage

Initially, we just gave him sponge baths. I still remember that round table on which we gently placed him for his sponge bath!
Later when we could bathe him, we made it a maximum of five minutes with lukewarm water, after which we patted him dry, taking care not to rub his skin. We patted his skin folds – neck, armpits, behind his ears and nappy area totally dry. How he would laugh when we tickled him! Then we quickly applied baby lotion. Oh, how sweet he smelled! He loved his massages during this time.

3. Taking care with clothing and airing skin

We were conscious about never using tight clothing or leaving him in damp diapers. I still feel a bit stupid at how we used cloth diapers initially, until we received that gift pack of Pampers! What a relief it was to see Vidur staying absolutely dry and sleep literally like a baby through the night! We also took care to air his skin well whenever we could, so that it could breathe, wiping it with a warm cloth and making sure it was completely dry.

We always rinsed his new clothes before using them, to avoid skin rashes. In cool weather we dressed him in layers in comfortably fitting clothes. In fact, we used the mildest soap to wash everything that his skin came in contact with, including the sheets, blankets, towels, bibs and bonnets to prevent itchy skin. I fondly remember how we learned to tailor those pretty bonnets from our neighbor.

4. Choosing safe babycare products

We took care to pick products that were especially formulated for babies and were fragrance free to keep his soft skin safe. As far as possible, we used home made preparations instead of store bought things in the tradition of our family, thanks to a legacy of home remedies passed through the generations.

5. Getting enough Vitamin D

We went out for a walk to catch the early rays of the sun, for his supply of Vitamin D. He would love to wear that wide brimmed hat to protect his face and neck from the direct sun.

I think loving touch was the main ingredient, helped by the above to keep baby’s soft skin safe and helped him sleep well. We all know that babies need a lot of sleep to grow healthy.

You know, Mi, I always marvel at how all the children in our family were blessed with fabulous skin, thanks to the loving care. We were miraculously spared of the skin troubles that teens usually suffer with. A healthy diet and a skin care regimen can work such wonders.

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