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Time and Again

And yet again, we watched Waqt, one of the better films that keeps getting aired on TV, Mi. Of course, our theory is that the disc is right on top of the pile and they’re too lazy to actually plan what to show…but we don’t  mind. It is better than Transformers/The Mummy/Predator/Terminator/Scream and the like. So sick of surfing channels sometimes to always see these are on. In a way, good – because it means I can simply shut it off and listen to the radio.

So…Waqt. Whenever I think of the movie, the song that comes to mind is “aage bhi jaane na tu”. What fine lyrics! Do you remember how we saw that movie, at that ancient Manohar Theater? We usually avoided it, but the movie was too much of a pull and wasn’t running anywhere else. So we bit the bullet and made it to the matinee show. I still remember the hard chairs they had, without upholstery. And this was a longer than usual movie.

Now I am laughing to think of how the four of us – Gopmama, Paati, You and I would travel to a theater – you and Paati in the cycle rickshaw while Unca and I walked briskly to keep pace with the ric. Each time there was a slope, Unca and I would help the rickshawala pedal the cycle and Unca would absolutely refuse to hire any elderly rickshawala.

Incidentally, although we’ve now seen the movie several times, mostly in parts, it is still an excellent watch. The songs are fantastic and the actors are all people we particularly like. Sadhana looks so gorgeous and Shashi Kapoor so innocent. Of course Sunil Dutt is endearing and even our hammer Raj Kumar is alright. I like these stories within stories that keep me glued to the screen, and when it all comes together in a good ending, it feels like an accomplishment.

We’ve also been watching some Tamil comedy and in spite of the numerous newcomers, still enjoy watching Vadivelu’s sotto voce speciality. Vivek’s philosophical dialogs urging people to move away from false beliefs is also so entertaining.

It has been a while since I caught any regular serial show on TV.  Oh wait – unless you count the crime episodes. Investigative stories have always appealed to me – and I do wish you were around, you would have loved watching these! We were always suckers for a good court scene!

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