Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


We spent a rather quiet day – as in hardly talking, simply because talking triggered a coughing bout! But I must say we’re feeling better, as in not wanting to just lay in bed and hope. Of course, I did nap in the afternoon, simply because I could!

Later in the afternoon we just enjoyed looking at birthday cards. I had my own special journey down memory lane looking at photos of Vidur. Gosh – sometimes it feels like we’ve been thrown into a time machine and got fast forwarded into the future. Don’t we all wish we could control Time!

I had such a pleasant time looking at his little self, always laughing or smiling. I found myself praying that his life is always filled with smiles. Remember this pic – at his “estate”? Hahaha. How hilarious it used to be when the two of you would pack a picnic basket and take off on your morning walk and spend time at your favorite spots. He was so sleepy when we clicked this pic! I know – This copy is a copy via my mobile phone! All of two and a half years old!

Vidurkutty 2

He would hate to get off that tree in that “estate” you both went to!


I have a good mind to pull out all the old albums and spend an afternoon enjoying myself. I’ll also try to scan some of the photos. These two photos – I found in a little cover in one of the drawers. I am busy trying to clear out our paper mountains. Sudden desperation to catch up with my purging resolution. Sometimes I wonder what I am going to do with all the stuff we’ve accumulated. So I am going to give it away give it away now!

If you’re wondering why that song at the top of the post, Mi – it is because it is playing in my head. Remember how it used to play on a loop over and over? You never once complained – instead you were so amused at my obsessions. There’s not a day I am not grateful you are my Mom. It helps me tremendously to try and be a good Mom myself!.

Now I am laughing, recalling how Vidur used to phonetically sing everything he heard – regardless of what the lyrics actually were!

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