Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


Last night, it happened again. Just as we were winding up the kitchen, done with dinner and clearing up, “toink” went the tumbler full of excellent coffee decoction, dashing all my dreams of delicious cups of coffee today. This time it decided to splatter every surface, including the stuff under the counter – the gas cylinder, the big plastic bucket’s side, the stool with the pressure cooker, and of course, the floor. It was One Big Splash. Luckily the onion rack was spared. I can’t imagine wet onions. Eww.

Anyway, I just got to work cleaning it up. I mean, what else to do? Freaking out wouldn’t magically make it unhappen, no?

As I mopped up, dried, washed and cussed under my breath, laughing, I remembered, years ago, the fateful Horlicks bottle rolling off the shelf and covering everything in its wake with sticky powder, including the utensils we had just washed and put to dry in the rack. Oooh. And what about that pressure cooker spraying rice all over the walls, the shelves AND the ceiling? That too just before I was supposed to drop Vidur off to school?

Nobody can say we lead a boring life.

Funny how some days just start off with butter fingers. Everything I seem to pick up either falls or spills. Oh, by the way, I am so sad that one of those rainbow striped mugs broke. I mean the handle broke. I could only be grateful that it didn’t decide to come off when the mug was full of piping hot coffee! Oooh!

Splashes took me back even further to that hilarious afternoon when we brought out that precious container of curd, talking about how we had to make do with it for dinner as well since the colony store didn’t have stock and we didn’t have enough time to make it at home. We placed it on the dining table only to have it knocked off and the next thing we knew, the floor was covered in curd! We had a tough time keeping an eight month old Vidur from splashing in it! Although, come to think of it, we should have allowed him, right? Curd is good for the skin, right?

Then what about Vidur tripping over the stool on which my mug of coffee was sitting, making the cup shatter and spray the coffee all over the freshly painted wall? We were more worried about removing him from the scene so he wouldn’t step on the hot coffee! Good thing was we still had some paint left and cleaned the wall to give it another coat.

Some things are just meant to be, eh?

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