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Baseless Worries

When I sit back and reflect, I can’t help smiling at the crazy things that gnaw at our minds, Mi. For example, remember that time when I wondered if the aluminum idli plates would look odd if I took them along with me after I got married? Then you countered how weird it would be when I picked out the mustard seeds methodically, one by one, while eating rasam rice.

We really are the sorts who worry when there’s mayhem in a movie, cutlery is thrown around, and characters are busy fighting and there’s a solid mess a mess . . . who will clear it? What about the glass of tea or coffee that gets thrown?

What about the dupatta/scarf that’s flung off in joy? Or the coat that’s taken off and left on a bench? Who goes back and retrieves it?

What about that milk on the stove that spills over or other food stuff thrown around? Worst is broken glass! Sigh.

Then, there’s all the fighting and bruising. I wonder how, when one punch hurts so much, how people who keep on receiving blows and cuts and are shot continue to spring back up and fight. Especially when they’re give one solid blow over the head with a log of wood. Blood flows and yet they get back up and keep going.

But don’t think I live with those old worries. I’ve got several new ones now. Who can say I am not creative? So yeah, every time we travel I worry about the fridge. Remember how it conked off just a week before the warranty was up? We freaked out over finding the service guys to come and fix the compressor. So…not entirely baseless then, that the day I returned, I discovered the freezer wasn’t cooling. I was going to make peas rice and was bracing myself to pull out the frozen packet. So imagine my shock when my hand grabbed something really limp. Gosh, I freaked out! Then I took deep breaths, finished cooking and then looked for the phone number that, through pure serendipity, landed on my phone via sms. Called the guy and by end of day, got it fixed. Cost a cozy 4K. So grateful we actually got someone to attend to it.

And thus the week begins!

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