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Seeing Things

Or rather, not seeing things in my case, Mi. Did I tell you about my new specs story? Well, not that I really had problems with the existing pair, but you know how it is…have to do the routine annual full eye exam thanks to the diabetes. So off I went to Narayana Nethralaya one fine sunny morning to do it. Of course I forgot my card, but thanks to technology they found my registration based on my phone number. Yay for that. Imagine coming back home because of that little detail eh? If that had been the option I would have simply registered afresh, ha ha.

Unlike the specs shop where they check power with that machine, the hospital goes the whole hog like old times. Just like Dr. Allurkar. So first, eye-check with the lens, then the three rounds of dilation. It is amazing how the 20 minutes seem like hours, Mi. Eyes closed, head back without a backrest and going for the pain in the neck later…because even though I start off sitting straight, it seems only natural to tilt my head back with my eyes closed..probably because I have to do that to get the drops in. Sigh. An hour later, the doc sees me and I go through the ritual of various machines to check the eyes for glaucoma/cataract/what have you.

Finally, I got a clean bill–or as clean as it can get for me–which means no diabetes-related issues. I still can’t read with my right eye and still have short sight and long sight combined and yeah, so new glasses because of a change in the power.

What’s funny is, the old glasses are comfortable–but medicine knows best, eh? So I have to get a new pair which means close to 20K bye-bye. I sat on the prescription–no surprise there–for a couple of weeks before guilt drove me to the optician. And thus began the saga of my new specs. After two visits I couldn’t find an appropriate frame. Then I got tired of going there because they did not keep their commitment of ordering the new frames they said they would.

So I decided to look elsewhere. These days there are so many in our area. Just for fun I went to the one in the corner of ninth cross, and found them as irritating as ever. I had a list, so moved on to the next. Thought these guys were on 14th cross on Sampige road but half way there, changed my mind and thought, why not see the nearest ones first. Turned out they were right next door to the irritating guys. So funny–I had come back a full circle to the same point. Ah well, evening walk done, I thought.

Turned out to be a nice place, what with 50% off the lenses–I could go with that. And did you know, no counter across which one sees various frames. The shop was one big hall–with the walls lined with samples. Two sales people were around to help choose. Finally, managed to pick a frame…started with one budget and ended up with way more. These are lightweight–still getting used to them–and don’t change the shape of my skull like the old one. Also, no thingammajiggies on the nose. What a relief. Double also–they have a snap on pair of sunglass lenses that sit right over the specs. So cool no?

Mmm. I wish you were around. I was thinking of that time I got you those gold framed reading glasses. You laughed your head off because they were expensive. I still have them, Mi. Dunno what I’ll do with them…but you know. Sigh.

Was also amused thinking of those days during my childhood when we would walk home after the eye doctor visit, feeling practically blind.

Warm memories!

Coffee time now, because memories taste best with coffee.

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