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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Yes No Maybe So

Referring to the eternal clothes alteration, Mi. I had a stack lined up so I could open up the innermost stitch to accommodate me. I meant to do this as I sat and binged on Prime video or Netflix. But then that did not happen.

What did happen, though, was me lounging in my favorite two-seater, against a pile of cushions at an odd angle that I would definitely regret an hour later when my bones felt the pain.

Also, another thing is – I actually lost three kilos. And again, my procrastination won over. Imagine if I had actually loosened my clothes! Sigh. But on the positive side, you will be happy-ish to know that my blood sugar is better, I am exercising regularly thanks to my thrice a week fitness class and eating on time. Ish. The only problem is I am still not doing the lights-off as early as I want to. Thanks to binge-watching something or other. Guilty, yes. Trying to change that.

What is funny is, I hardly wear kurtas these days. Thanks to the lockdown, and us hardly stepping out of the house, we all live in shorts and t-shirts. Me, occasionally in capris. And we rotate the same four sets – wash, dry, alternate, wear. It makes me laugh to think about my clothes-craziness and my closets bursting with clothes – some new and yet to be worn. And of course, so much nostalgia when I think of my shopping sessions with Kittu mama who never believed in buying only one of anything.

So today, while wondering what to wear as I had to step out to go to the doctor, I found a kurta I had forgotten I had bought! I thought longingly of those days when I planned the week ahead and arranged my clothes in a color-coded manner. What fun it used to be when we did it together – deciding which sari to wear on what day and so on. To think I was worrying about the sari cupboard over a year ago…. sigh. Perhaps it is time to empty out and air the closets. And do another round of giveaways. Hmm. Or maybe even have my own private fashion parade.

Funny how we enjoy being in the comfort zone when it comes to stay-at-home clothes. No matter how faded, or how old, that garment feels like a hug even if it looks like it was picked out of the trash and something even the bag lady won’t bother to take. When there is a tear, it is quickly mended and at least in my eyes, looks fine again. Rather like those childhood blankies or soft toys one can never let go of.

And thus it is with my clothes. Over the years I have given away bags of them. Yet there are some garments in the trunks that just don’t seem to want to be let go of.

It is the same with utensils. No matter how many new things we get, it is always the same comfortable pots and pans we want to use for milk and to cook. Just the other day I was holding that little steel jug, amused to see my name engraved on the side thinking about how I would never make my coffee in anything but the ancient older-than-me steel or brass filter. Technology may improve and I am all for it, but some things, no. Never.

Recently I felt the urge to use the aatangal. I yearned for an ammi – a grinding stone to make the chutney when there was a power cut. How fortunate I am to have grown up on both sides of the technology divide – before the internet and during the internet. Best of both worlds.

I am feeling a bit guilty about the sewing machine, Mi. In my mind I am imagining doing all kinds of creative things but somehow I just can’t seem to be getting around to it. It is quite soothing to blame the lockdown for everything but I know in my heart that if I wished, I could make the time for anything I wanted to do. And then, after the other routine things like cooking, cleaning and other chores are done, it is just so much easier to give in to laziness, sometimes.


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