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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Take it easy

I had to smile when I saw the phrase Take it easy.

How do I take time for myself especially with an ever-growing to-do list?

Oh, let me count the ways!

I enjoy being busy.

Of course, you know I am also pretty good at being lazy but that’s rather rare. I do a great job of it when I decide to be lazy.

But the norm is – busy.

I still enjoy tinkering with things – as I am basically the plumber/carpenter/mechanic at home – I can manage just about any minor repair. I am quite resourceful in fixing things and I love to pick things apart.

In fact, yesterday I felt a little out of sorts and decided to tackle that corner in the kitchen that loves to accumulate things. What a win-win!

I wish I could spend some time on handwork – embroidery and making things. You were always amused at how I was good at the wealth-out-of-waste thing. Also want to get back to sketching, painting, and sewing.

As you can guess, I’ve been making masks these days. I need to stitch some new pillow covers/cushion covers/sofa covers.  Invariably, I make/sketch something when an occasion comes up and I want to gift it.

Remember how I embroidered this Ganesha in 1997 just before I got married? And the moment I finished it, T rushed it to be framed. It now has a place of pride on our living room wall.

You always grumbled that I did not show off my “talents” by displaying what I created at home, but well – we have to have a balance, no? I paint on t-shirts, mugs, terracotta pots, and eggshells; I have sculpted chalks and any soft material that can be shaped into something. I like to fix things.

And you already know I love to cook and write and read and sing and….. I like to try everything and that’s how I relax!

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