Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

They Miss You Too

The sampige flowers are in full bloom and they miss you, Mi. Right now they seem to be in season and we can smell them everywhere when we step out. Flower ladies have large bags of the blooms. On 8th cross, the street vendors sell 20 flowers for Rs.10.

Did I tell you that the house that had this beautiful sampige tree on 9th cross exists no more and there is a bungalow in its place?

How I wish you were here, Mi. You would go crazy if you walked down 8th cross now with all the flowers–’tis the season you know! And the green veggies, the lemon, and all those things we really don’t need but love to shop for.

By the way did I ever tell you that the Rs.8 pizza is now Rs.35? Yes. When Vidur and I walked back home after buying him pants I was reminiscing about how, when he was a toddler we would finish our shopping via a different route and then make our way back home via 8th cross so that he could enjoy the pizza. If we headed out through 8th cross we’d never get anything done as he would want to rush home right after the pizza because his mission would have been accomplished.

You and he would sit on a stool outside that Janata bazaar while he ate and I would finish the shopping there.
I have not seen the nightie guy for a long while now. He has probably shifted his business elsewhere where it is more lucrative. What a kind guy he was!

The past couple of years have been tough on everyone, especially the street vendors, what with the lockdown and all. But things are buzzing back to near-normal. Except, we now see almost everyone in masks. Who would have imagined life would change so much?

Still, it is always a pleasure to visit the 8th cross market whether or not we buy anything. Oh but we do end up buying stuff we never planned. The sight of the colorful wares of the street vendors is always so tempting. Even now, I cannot help but stop at the array of beautiful dupattas just before we cross Margosa road, especially when the guy picks out one that uncannily is exactly what I would pick from the display. Mithai pink with elegant twinkly things sewn in….a jet black with Kutch embroidery. Who can resist? But good for me, I didn’t succumb to the lure and got home with a happy memory.

Another thing I have learned is that I am happy enough taking photos of everything I see. It purges the need to buy. What’s up with that? Well let’s chalk it down to wisdom and maturity eh?

Already I am a bit overwhelmed at my full closet of clothes, many of which I’ve forgotten I own. On the flip side, it is nice because I think of their origin story and that’s a fun trip down nostalgia lane. As things are opening up and lockdowns easing, I can actually hope to start wearing those clothes. It does feel strange though, especially as we are now used to lounging around at home in comfy shorts and t-shirts most of the time.

I think I’ll have a half cup of coffee now.

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