Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

You’d be amazed

But then, you were always right. The longer I live, the more I believe in the mother-is-always-right phrase. Just this morning, as I chopped up the bhindi, added the masala and set it to cook on the stove and went on to knead the dough for roti, I couldn’t help smiling, Mi.

There was a time I dreaded cooking every day – especially packing the lunch dubbas, with different menus from V and S. Of course V had a timetable he stuck to throughout his school life. And S–a simple enough schedule. And yet, I would freak out over finishing everything on time and dropping V to school by 8.

Today, I am super-blase about cooking. I now understand why you were always so cool in the kitchen, doing everything with a flourish and a smile. I never thought I would get to this stage, you know.

What surprises me, even more, is the eagerness I feel to try new recipes. I am a kitchen queen when it comes to meal prep and planning. And I now understand your constant advice about always planning ahead. Applies to all aspects of life, really.

I make a list of all the veggies I buy and calmly look at it, plan the menu and just get going. When possible, I chop veggies and keep. But then I have always found veggie-chopping quite therapeutic. Who would have imagined? Sure according to you I did everything well but unlike you, who always did things joyously, I did not. I did it because it had to be done. Just a routine chore.

Now I realize what fun it is to enjoy doing these things. Yes, I love housework and I wont get tired of saying it.

This morning, after packing the lunchbox, I cleaned out three massive bunches of curry leaves and was thinking of you as I discarded the wilted leaves. I will be making karuvepilai kuzhambu later today. I am grateful that we love it at home. Not only is it super-healthy, but the most delicious way to consume curry leaves, which is so good for health. S uses it like gold, guarding it preciously. And that always brings a smile on my face.

I wanted to make it today since V will leave in a couple of days. Sigh. No matter how much time we have with him, it is never enough.

I will now wake up him, enjoy the cuddles, the chat and make myself a half-cup of coffee. Yes, shockingly I have cut down on my consumption. I don’t seem to enjoy it as much as I used to. Life changes, we change, don’t we? I now understand why you stopped drinking lots of coffee and just relished your tiny half cup. I miss you and always will.

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