So I actually slacked off for the better part of this afternoon, Mi. I was a bit tired after wrapping up a mini-project I really enjoyed and then catching up with the other work deadlines, which meant a few very late nights and every early mornings. You know how the...



Vidya Sury Nineteen

Nothing like a good old rewind on life, eh, Mi? Considering we cannot actually turn the clock back, it is a good thing we have memories and love to wallow in nostalgia every once in a while. Nah, it is more often than that for me. Blame it on the...



vidya sury space

Did I tell you I’ve scrubbed the doors to your room, Mi? I’ve removed all the stickers and their residue. I felt a little restless and thought the best way to get over it is to do something vigorous. What better activity than cleaning! The door looks weirdly clean now....


Why Mi

why mi. Coffee With Mi. Vidya Sury

While my immediate response to that is “Why not Mi?” that question warrants an answer. Here’s the thing, Mi. I’ve had many people point out that I had possibly misspelt “Me” as “Mi” There was a time when that would make me cry. But Time the healer has been at...



Pause Vidya Sury

As usual, I took a break today to look at some old photos. You know how it is – look at one, and it triggers a few more albums…and memories that surround the photos. Today I was looking at our Dharamsala trip photos. What a lovely trip it was – we...



vidya sury magic

Life is like magic, just like you used to say, Mi, although I must confess I never quite believed it. I guess I was too cynical to just accept something like that. But you often said, with your infinite patience that “one day” I would realize many things.  You were...



coffee with mi

On the way to the Post Office the other day, I got a rude shock when I saw that the 8th cross market was no more, Mi!. I rather felt like Rip Van Winkle, waking up to see the world as I knew it had changed. Where I remembered baskets and...

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