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Trying to keep calm and carry on

By the way, remember those days when you would say you felt “fumes” Mi? I feel like that now sometimes.

A weird smell stuck to my nose. Triggers with certain things. Unrelated things like (gasp!) coffee–which should actually be holding me in its trance with the rich fragrance; the dish wash liquid–which should be lemony, and sometimes, just like that when I am sitting and working. Really crazy. You used to think it was your medication that gave you the weird feeling of that odd smell as if circulating inside the system. I am not on that many prescription meds besides the diabetes tablets, so I am not sure what’s causing this. I keep thinking toxic, toxic, toxic. Well, not as though I am bingeing or eating unhealthy. Even the “unhealthiest” for me in home-cooked, and I am conscious about my diet. So why?

One unusual thing last week was the non-availability of my usual meds. Ridiculous because what company stops supply of a diabetes drug? So anyway, our usual chap said “no supply” after agreeing to deliver, and finally brought a substitute with the same composition. Ewwwh, I tell you, first of all, the yellow color of this substitute put me off. Much as I love yellow, I prefer it in other things, not medicine. So anyway, this tablet was also smelly and I felt awful about having to do breath control when I swallowed it. Ugh! I would actually stop breathing while swallowing it and send lots of water to chase it down and drown it. That’s no way to take meds, right? Should think healing thoughts, right?

So I decided to scout around–we have no dearth of pharmacies near our place, as you know. These other guys had the meds and oh, what a relief. I did finish the strip I had bought of the imposter, though, because the pharmacy wouldn’t take back the remaining tablets. Irritating, since they don’t have problems selling me an incomplete strip. Thankfully, our old pharmacy immediately delivered the month’s quota. Can’t even depend on a standard thing these days, eh?

Know what I’d love? Having to stop all meds. I can fantasize, can’t I?

I am due for the routine tests and must plan to go for them. I will try and finish it next week.

In the meantime, trying to keep calm and carry on. And imagine I am sitting on that bench in the photo!

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  1. Can someone mention “all the best” before someone goes for a medical check-up?

  2. Hi vidya Mythili here again I would like to suggest another ayurvedic medicine which Iam presently taking to keep my blood sugar down, it is called Sakarai kolli has a combination of lots of medicines which are good for diabetes I take a teaspoon of the powder in warm water twice a day before food. It is available in Chennai in Rameshwaram Road next to Sai Baba temple. Along with my allopathy pills I take this as well. I enjoy reading your blog keep up the good work God bless.

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