Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

The Bird still sings

You know, I always mean to tell you this, Mi! Remember that mynah we’d hear the moment we woke up? Those days when we had our bedrooms in the adjacent rooms? It continues to sing! It is like a precious connection–as in, one of the things that haven’t changed. Nice warm feeling.

As I sip my morning coffee, I enjoy listening to its incessant but persistent call. It is like a recording that plays in a loop. And i remember how we used to stand in the balcony and fantasize and make lofty plans. Of transforming the house. Of the future. Joking about it and then laughing as we turned to our routine to do those mundane things that had to be done.

Not very different now, except that I do the meal planning with Vidur, who is such a pleasure to spend time with. So grateful that he’s home this summer. I love how he appreciates my cooking and as we eat together, I regale him with stories from his childhood, about the time he spent with you, nudging memories long forgotten. Sometimes I wonder how he does not remember, but then I remind myself that he was growing up and it is only natural for specifics to fade away. I am just glad that he does retain the happiness he felt being with you. I must sit with the albums one of these days. Been wanting to do that you know. Also scan some of the stuff.

Sigh. I wonder what I’ll do with all the stacks and stacks of film negatives from the old days. Then there are the boxes of vinyl records. Then the boxes of audio cassettes and video tapes. How crazy I was to collect them. In fact, how crazy to live through all these decades. I just wish sometimes that I had given away all these things. I did try with the books. All those trunks full of books we gave away before we moved . . . and all those clothes. Nice feeling to think of those days.

I wonder if they remember us? I wonder what they are doing now?

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