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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Inspired but Unimpressed

You know, Mi, I have that sense of déjà vu with so many things these days. It is weird. Nothing freaks me out really, except maybe the sight of a child crying or a hungry child or a child or elder being ill-treated. Maybe I am actually growing wiser with age, eh? Or has my tolerance level increased exponentially? Or maybe it is the world around me that nudges me to hang on to the simpler days when life was far easier?

Whatever. I know I am far more zen-ish that I was before. And you already called me a cool cucumber and marveled at how nothing got me worked up. But that was basically because I was always geared to go after the solution and not fret over the problem–not longer than necessary anyway.

By the way, I dazzled Vidur last week by changing the health faucet. I guess he was impressed at the speed and style I put on for the show. Practice, I told him. Trial and error, I emphasized. And of course an encouraging shopkeeper who assured me there was a plumber available shoudl things go wrong. Things didn’t. Just goes to show how much we let fear of the unknown hold us back from doing things. I am glad you always nudged me forward, encouraging me to attempt, no matter what. No wonder I think everything is possible.

The past three days I’ve been using my disenchantment with the online world to purge paper clutter. I’ve been tearing, tearing, tearing because this load can’t just be offloaded to the kabadiwala. Actually, the real inspiration came from the kabadiwala. The newspaper shelf is full, so I thought why not collect the other plastic and random paper for recycling, so that led to the inspiration to purge and you know what a bigass job that is. I am ploughing through patiently, rewarding myself with breaks when I catch up with my reading. And when I grab a book you know what happens.

I was musing this morning…will I enthusiastically pick up where I left off with the paper-purge or will I simply pick up my book and bookathon it? My musing was cut short by the consciousness that my Wednesday Wisdom post is not yet up even though I’ve had it ready for two days now. Weird ennui eh? Ah well. Perks of freelancing. Enjoying the flexibility of life.

Let me make coffee and get some work done now.

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