Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


Trying to be super-efficient is sometimes a pain. Literally, Mi.
These days I sleep late even though I intend to knock off to bed early. What early. By the time I lay my head on my pillow it is almost 1 am. And I have only myself to blame!
Determined to turn over a new leaf…gosh I have those leaves piling up like crazy…I jumped out of bed with a spring in my step. Yeah…finally I found that little spring that fell out of the ballpoint pen when I broke it, yikes! I turned on the radio to get the bhoole bisre geet going and picking up the song in my head and humming it under my breath, I brushed my teeth and off I went to get the coffee going.
That bhindi I was cutting–gosh! A fourth of it was fit to use as weapons. The rest, I split in a 60-40 ration, cooking the 60 as usual into a dry fry for Sury’s lunch box and saving the 40 to cut into strips, marinate and fry into a crisp for Vidur–he so loves kurkuri bhindi.
So dubbas packed–I thought–since the garbage bag is practically empty, why not peel the pomegranates. I picked two and was giggling to myself as I put the pinkish pearls into the container. I mean–I often end up doing this only when the pomegranate skin begins to lose its firmness and seems to look at me reproachfully–as if to say, hey Vidya, peel me already. Today, the pomes were super-fresh!
Then I decided to skin the beetroot, thinking I’ll make halwa since both Sury and Vidur love it. Couldn’t find the usual knife like peeler so I used the other one. Didn’t realize I nicked my finger and palm. When it oozed gently, I assumed it was the beetroot–same color no? Later while washing, realized it was indeed blood. Ewwwh.
After all this, it was time for breakfast and I made upma. I love to mould it into cups and instead of the usual one cup I ended up eating two, which made me drowsy. So much for the efficiency eh. I piled up the cushions on the sofa which I positioned right under the fan–and told Vidur I’d close my eyes for only ten minutes. Of course this became an hour and ten minutes. I woke up guiltily, still feeling a bit groggy and made some coffee. Opened my laptop and found myself rather disenchanted with the world. I suppose two days of being offline almost all day, spending time in the kitchen, and with other housework can do that…to me, at least.
Hmm. It is almost 1 now and I’ll be off to get the kurkuri bhindi and beetroot halwa started.
I’ll be back to tell you some rather cute happenings.
Yeah, to be continued.

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Vidya Sury

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2 thoughts on “Resetting

  1. I love these posts. Always have. I think it’s the much-needed break from super efficiency that we all need. Using my writing blog for that purpose now, Vidz.

    Sigh, we never did get to meet this vacation. June then.

    Also, woman! Hope you wrapped up that cut on the hand!

    1. Thanks Shailaja! Nope…the cuts were small multiple ones and weren’t wrappable. So I just coconut oiled them and got on with life! 🙂

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