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12 things I wish I had done

12 things

No, no – this is not a regret-rant, Mi! Just wishing, you know? “I wish…” – this phrase goes through my head every single day in some context or other. Can’t blame me, right? Of course, there are plenty of things I wish I had done and I cannot list...


Song Sung Blue

Seriously, Mi! I keep humming a lot of old songs we used to listen to regularly and always end up crying a little. Yes, you know I am such a crybaby these days. Unexpected things trigger those tears and I get all choked up. You know those days – in...


That Lump In My Throat

So Mi, you know I’ve been writing to you every day, though not here.​ ​I’ve also, as usual, being talking to you nonstop. ​ How could I not? Sometimes I am disoriented when I wake up anticipating doing something together, only to have the cobwebs of sleep clear out and...


Busakath and Tonaado

Remember how Vidur, when he was about a year and a half old, stunned us by asking a visitor “olik chocolik?” which we quickly deciphered as “you like chocolate?” and when the fascinated visitor gently declined, he floored us by following it up with “eating busakath?” (Eating biscuit?). How we...


Crying Into My Coffee

Bit of a whirlwind these days, Mi. But I must admit, not spending time online can be a big relief sometimes. It lifts an invisible pressure off and literally lets the fresh air in. One thing you would have really loved that happened last week was the Sri Satyanarayana puja...


That Halo Around My Head

Can you ever forget your first shampoo? It is even more memorable than first love.After all, we’ve gone steady for decades! And receiving the Sunsilk Natural Recharge hamper via Indiblogger brought back some warm memories, Mi! It was 1983. It was that momentous day when my college mate Shanti, who...


Craving, Musing.

So anyway, I am craving some javvarisi vadam maavu. Remember how you’d make just the batter for me in a small bowl so I could enjoy it? I miss it so much. It is years since I tasted it and I felt so emotional when B’s mom L came up...

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