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Joy Of Missing Out #JOMO

I am happy to enjoy the JOMO, Mi. We still enjoy listening to the radio, getting into a tizzy over what the next song will be and humming along. Watching classics on TV. Although, I use the word classics quite loosely. It seems that these days, classes can be anything before 2010 and after 2000. So I guess I actually mean vintage when I am referring to old movies. I realize that some of the 30s 40s movies are way ahead of their times!

So today, I was watching Trishul, Mi. What memories! I remember how the heart went aflutter to see Amitabh Bachchan. Strong, silent, brooding, suave, burning inside, by presenting a cool exterior. Whatta man, whattanactor!

Oh, and well dressed – well, those days it was super-wide bell bottomed pants, very wide lapels and super-large sunglasses and the legendary AB haircut. I have lost count of the number of time I’ve sketched his portrait, the shades and haircut helped define it so easily. I still feel choked when I see that scene where he talks to Rakhee about his Mother – in his half-spoken, half-whispered baritone. Not to mention the very handsome Shashi Kapoor. In fact, the entire cast did a great job ably supported by the stalwarts Sanjeev Kumar, Iftekar, Waheeda Rehman and the rest of them.

Then what about my non-branded jeans on the back pocket of which I sewed a specially made red heart with the word DON embroidered on it? So funny to think how I had to sneak that bit of cloth and hide my project from everyone simply because I was too shy to show it off. Little did I know that you were all thoroughly amused by my infatuation for the Big B and had a tough time controlling your laughter as you watched me go about my “projects”.

Nevertheless, I appreciate how you indulged me. I only wish I hadn’t disposed off that carefully and painstakingly maintained scrapbook on him. Imagine gloating over it today! 🙂 Still, I have the memories and I am happy. I smile to think of how I sacrificed buying peanuts for 50 paise, opting instead to buy a postcard with his photo to add to my collection. Those were the days of the Illustrated Weekly magazine, days we eagerly waited for a borrowed and perhaps discarded copy to cut pictures from to put in our scrapbooks.

I am amused to think that had it been in present times, the joy wouldn’t have been there, thanks to all things digital. Oh sure, social media would be full of the trivia that goes with these things. But where is the joy in a rapidly moving message stream where, at best, it is hit and miss in terms who will see it, thanks to a global audience, most of which may not even get what the status message means. These are times when a handwritten or physical thing is a total novelty.

What can I say? I am thrilled at the JOMO! And since you most certainly have no clue what that acronym stands for, Mi, it is The Joy Of Missing Out. Ha ha. Incidentally, I deeply admire Amitabh Bachchan for how fabulously he’s adapted to the times and fits in like he was meant to be. Which he is, I am sure.

Okay. I guess I’d better make some coffee and get started with cooking lunch. Ah well. Perhaps you’re wondering how I got to watch a movie in the morning? Background – while I tackled other stuff, productive multi-tasking. Plus I get to sing along with the songs.

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