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Virtual Insanity

Remember that song by Jamiroquai I used to keep listening to? Even the video is kind of catchy.

Anyway, my current virtual insanity is all about a project I am struggling to finish. Not so much because of the difficulty level as the dragginess of it. It began months ago, was put on hold and then became active again and I am having a tough time with it. Still, I guess all will be well, thanks to a deadline. Imagine if there weren’t deadlines, no?

But let’s talk of pleasanter things. Like dreams. You remember that dream I told you about, Mi? Well, I had another one!

This time, one step further – I dreamt that we bought a new house. A very large first-floor apartment actually, like one of those luxury sizes but kind of old-fashioned. Not in maintenance but the gorgeous furniture and fittings. It was beautiful. As we went around marveling at what a lovely place it was, we discovered another room off the master bedroom Like a dressing room, except in a palatial size.

There was a charming dresser there in darkish oak wood and we were stunned that the previous owners would want to leave all this beauty behind. But they were in a hurry to sell and move and we turned out to be the lucky ones. And of course, we started to plan how we would rearrange the place who would get which room etc.

Then we also discovered there were two entrances to the apartment, each opening out to a different street. This was because it was a corner building.

It was an amazing dream you know.  I am thinking, had you been around, you would have convinced me it meant something! Hehehe. And considering the housecleaning I have to do right now, I wish this dream would come true. But yeah, I will make a list and get going as usual.

The annoying thing these days is the containers we end up with. Everything comes in one. And that’s a bit annoying because they pile up. I would buy the cartons but the larger quantities are more economical and come in containers. Oh well, I now have an outlet to put them to good use. Our neighbors are blessed with green thumbs and use everything for plants.

How easy it was those days when we would go shopping and come back with paper packets. the veggies would be one big pile that we enjoyed sorting out at home, cutting the ones that could be cut and stored, and also planning our week’s menu in the process. Now we accumulate more than we need and despite giving away stuff, it seems like a never-ending growing mountain of things.

I am dreading cleaning the garage you know. It has been a few months since we checked it. I feel we will just end up clearing it out and heaving a sigh of relief. I mean, how can we need stuff we haven’t seen for months? Want maybe, but definitely not need.

Funny thing is, even at home with a closet full of clothes we invariably end up wearing only 4-5 sets repeatedly. I feel really guilty thinking about it. To my credit I have not shopped anything in months personally. I don’t even window shop now because it’s a waste of time.

I really have to plan the big cleanup which I suspect is going to happen only next year, which is just two days away! I’ll set myself the deadline of 31 March 2021 and see how that goes. I am sure I’ll make progress, even if it is not to the extent I hope for. Even baby steps count, no?

Okay I’ll make coffee.

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