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In Limbo, Yet Busy

One thing about the lockdown that is quaintly 70-ish is the call of the vegetable vendor on the street. Thanks to the reduced traffic we can actually now hear other sounds.

And the joyful thing is we still have the old greens-guy around. He looks a bit aged but not much. Some time back he was insisting I buy the dill leaves and even giving me recipes to include it in. He still has the best greens in the area, you know.

As you know, I am in limbo. Although I have time on my hands now, I still believe July is the best month of the year for me in terms of new beginnings. And although we’ve spilled over to August today, I am convinced something will come of some discussions concluded yesterday. Keep your digits crossed, okay?

By the way, I know I rant about this from time to time at least in my head, but it never ceases to surprise me how people who have claimed to be close friends suddenly drift away. Oh, some do keep in touch, usually to whine about something while the wins are reserved for their other close friends.

Deja vu? Yeah, I think so. To them that’s what keeping in touch implies. The occasional bread crumb – nay – slice of complaints, maybe just to hear that don’t-worry-everything-will-be-okay-because-here-I am-your-personal-sucker. 

These people are quite happy with their lives, going by their vocal-ness elsewhere, online. How do people behave like this? Blowing hot, blowing cold at will. Depending on the mood one’s in, so disillusioning, so sad.

Makes me wonder if anyone is truly a friend online. Maybe I am old…you know what I mean. I think of some of the people I’ve interacted with, some who’ve been over-friendly and then sailed away. Moved on, as they call it. I often wonder if they get nostalgic or do they just sweep it all off in the name of “moving on”? 

Somehow the past couple of weeks have seemed to whiz past. It is embarrassing, how, some days I wake up disoriented wondering what day of the week it is. There are days I wake up convinced it is Monday and it is actually Saturday. Of course, the reality makes me quite happy – what can I say?

Hoping that August fares better, you know. So many things anticipated.

Sigh. This is a rhetoric, obviously.  As some of my comrades would say, it is a new day, new week and well, here I am, hoping to have a good one.

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