Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Dreaming Reminiscing

I had the cutest dream, Mi. Not even sure where it came from. Perhaps the memories are in my subconscious mind. Come to think of it, I did mention during our walk on the terrace about how our house owner had suggested we buy the flat we lived in. The price was fabulous too. But as always happens in these cases, we were just short of the asking price. Also, considering we were planning to move, we were in a dilemma, caught between wanting to make the investment and worrying about how to manage it from out of town.

So anyway, I had the pleasant-est dream and recall resenting the alarm ringing because it jarred me out of it. We were looking for a flat in AWHO. I mean, how come there, of all the places? Not saying I wouldn’t love to live there, but still.

In the dream, we were being shown around a flat when I mentioned we had already lived in N5 and C6 before and would prefer to see the larger flats, perhaps the duplexes. I wish I had written this down as soon as I woke up because I remembered the details but now – thanks to the various interruptions and other chores, and it being almost lunchtime, well, I just have the happy feelings left. I do remember a sweet garden at the back.

Probably a vestige from our memories of when we first moved there and were surprised to see the graveyard on the other side of the fence. 
I do remember being fascinated by that fact even though others were not so excited about its location. I also recall people generally did not prefer the buildings that faced the graveyard. 

Somehow I did not mind watching the occasional burials that took place there, with groups of people coming in a procession, beating drums and chanting as they sent the dearly departed souls on their way, to rest in peace.

I also remember how, when we arrived for the second time and were due to move into C6 the tenants hadn’t yet vacated. They were due to leave a week later but we wanted to move from Bangalore a week before to settle down before I started work. Our old friends were kind enough to find us an interim flat where we could put our things and unpack.

Oh! How horrified were we to find that the stupid transporter had probably not covered our stuff properly with a tarpaulin and many of the cartons’ contents were soaked, including the one with our TV? We were terrified to plug it in and decided to wait, remember? Finally, the extreme heat took care of drying everything out completely and all was well.

What fun it was to move into C6! Just because we had planned to move in on a particular day after the tenants had left, we ran over the previous evening to clean it out during the power cut. The neighbors probably thought we were nuts. But the next morning, with the sunshine pouring into the house, we were so excited to see a dry clean place ready for us to move in! Joyful times, Mi! No wonder somewhere in my subconscious mind I must just want to live there. 

And oh! remember that astrologer-Vastu person who visited us and said everything was placed perfectly in our home? We couldn’t stop laughing considering how we had placed our tv at the balcony entrance to one of our bedrooms. And that air cooler? Oh! What good times. Truly, it was our happy place. Sigh.

By the way, I had papaya for breakfast today and as always, thought of you so fondly while peeling and cutting it. This papaya was extremely sweet – as if someone had gone crazy adding the sweetness. I was picturing how much you would have enjoyed it in my mind’s eye. The other day I was reminiscing with Vidur, telling him how we used to buy papaya from the guy on 8th main. I wonder if he’s still there, you know. Haven’t been that side for quite some time now.

Coffee time.

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