Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Just some chai chit chat

Never thought I would bake bread, Mi. Thanks to the oven – and a few experiments putting two and three together and coming up with eight, I managed to make a fairly perfect loaf. No yeast, wholewheat bread no less. The entire process took an hour, including kneading the dough and resting it. I am so thrilled. Can’t wait to explore more options.

I really want to bake banana bread but Vidur is totally against it. He does not like banana flavor in anything. In fact, he even eats the fruit only if he absolutely has to. Bah, right?

So anyway, I tried buns first before baking the loaf shape. I was thinking how you would have brimmed over with ideas. Sigh.

By the way, I bought the robusta variety since yelakki was not available and regretted it. Strange how we only bought robusta before. This one was tasteless and boring. Still, we finished it because, after all, fruit, no?
I buy pomegranate and banana mostly or apple and banana. It is mango season and we’ve only bought it once so far. I fondly remember how you used to buy kilos of mangoes and pulp them and freeze them. So delicious! All in spite of not liking the fruit yourself. I wonder how you did it.

One time, some totapuri mangoes I had bought turned ripe as I fell sick right after buying them. I ended up making mango burfi with it and it turned out real well you know. Whenever I try something new I think of how proud you would have been of me – Tanu was right – the highest approvals come from our Moms. And that’s the way we like it – probably because you are our role model. I am smiling as I write this now. A look from you was enough. I loved how close we were – that we sometimes did not have to speak the words to communicate. I am so lucky.

Did I tell you my specs’ earpiece broke? I taped it back on but looked a little freaky. Had to get an eye test anyway, so I did that and ordered new glasses. Just got them and am trying to get used to them. Of course they seem weird and Sury is patiently reassuring me that it will be okay. I really hope so.

You know what I miss a lot, besides the coffee? Us fighting over books – who will read it first? Especially now when I get digital copies and can zoom the print and read. What a luxury. Did you know there are also audio books?  That would have been so convenient for you. I haven’t started listening to them yet and I suppose I will get there eventually….for now I am sticking with the ebook or physical book.

I am terrified of losing my eyesight Mi. You know that, don’t you? Aargh! Once all this lock down situation eases up I must get a proper diabetes eye check at the hospital.

Weather is quite warm. Yeah, I will say that every day. Just waiting for that crazy summer shower to cool us down. There were a couple, but they did nothing for the heat. It was more like throwing water on a hot tava – instant dry up.

Anyway. Life goes on. We’ve found our rhythm with the shopping for groceries. The big pain is putting everything away. I now make a list of all the vegetables on a pad so I don’t forget. Also it helps me plan the menu and the order in which I must use them. Which reminds me I cooked some sweet potato and it is in the fridge. Normally we would be able to keep sweet potato for longer than other veggies, with the onion and potato, no? Not in this weather. The poor thing just starts shriveling.

Must see about making something with the sweet potato. Yearning to eat bajjis suddenly. Let me make chai. Yep, it is afternoon and tea time.

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