Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Smiles all the way

The Prayers in the Pantry worked! All it needed was an intention eh?

Yes, I actually did it. Cleaned out the prayer room. I can now walk in. Stand close to the altar and not reach across a million interesting things piled up on the floor in  my short path. I can see the groceries I have – yes, I put them in see-through containers. They are actually smiling at me and I am smirking back at them!

Okay so there’s still a corner that needs work. But I think I’ve done enough for this session to get started on that. Also, so many  power cuts, Mi. And so  much rain. Makes one kind of lethargic after a rather busy few hours. Then, I have to handle the other longish to-do lists that seem to have made it their life’s mission to keep on growing.

By the way, I sent Vidur a parcel last week. From the post office. They’re so organized you know. The 8th cross PO is quite swanky with a separate section for parceling – the man there does a great job packing stuff. The first time I went they couldn’t send the parcel as they were all on election duty and asked me to come back on Monday and so I did.

When I returned I found a line as long as my… list! One lady brought a suitcase of stuff. Puliogare powder, masalas, pickles, muffin molds, sets of clothes and lots of other everyday things. I guess she wanted to send it abroad and I felt sorry for her when the Post Office guy just discarded all the perishables. He only kept the branded sealed packages and then set about packing it all quite professionally. They had boxes of all sizes and our neighbor told me that next time I wanted to send something I should just take it as it is and have them pack it and even shrink wrap it!

Hmm. I had no idea so I spent the better part of a couple of hours packing it securely. You would have approved the fact that I packed it all in a pillowcase and then a thick plastic bag that I folded over and taped. It looked like a mini-pillow. I was wondering if the post office guys would object but luckily they didn’t. All they asked was whether it was securely packed. I pictured Kittu Mama’s face at that moment! Whenever I mended something for him he’d say that the garment would fall apart but my stitches? Never.

They were so efficient! I could even track the parcel online and it reached him in four days. It is so inexpensive and reliable compared to couriers – gosh, some of the couriers don’t even have service there! Finally I got an sms to let me know it was delivered. India Post rocks! Talk about delivering smiles!

I truly deserve coffee now.

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