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The Curse of the Blogger

vidya sury coffee always

I know, Mi. Strange thing to talk about with you, but you, more than anyone will empathize over this. See, April (yup, your birthday month!) is peeking at me from around the corner and as I enthusiastically wave to it and beckon it over for coffee, I am also secretly...



We spent a rather quiet day – as in hardly talking, simply because talking triggered a coughing bout! But I must say we’re feeling better, as in not wanting to just lay in bed and hope. Of course, I did nap in the afternoon, simply because I could! Later in...



Sometimes we have a “place” in mind when we feel low, Mi. Do you remember how we often thought that the Saibaba temple in Picket was that place? Peaceful, calm, serene and instantly soothing even when we thought about it. See the photo above? That’s the shopping complex at Vidur’s...


Smiles all the way

smiles vidya sury

The Prayers in the Pantry worked! All it needed was an intention eh? Yes, I actually did it. Cleaned out the prayer room. I can now walk in. Stand close to the altar and not reach across a million interesting things piled up on the floor in  my short path....


Settling Down


Vidur is slowly settling into his new life, Mi. You’d be proud of him. I think it is always harder for us as parents to adjust. Children obviously will face challenges, struggle and try to tackle them in their own way, and then carry on as they get busy with several...


Changing Times

Mi, I was going through my FB timeline today and – oh by the way, Gopmama is on FB – and I got engrossed with his friends list – which consists of family members and fancy my surprise when I saw lots of photos of Uma and Co’s trip to...


Back On Air

champa fragrant memories
Image from India Nature Watch

Did I tell you that the champa sapling in our compound flowered some more? How could I have done that when we were off the air? Yep, we were actually off the air thanks to our hosting company for two days. Not that anyone noticed, I think. But how does...

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