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Some bathroom talk and other normal things

You know yesterday I kept thinking of jadiya Narendra from Little Flowers. I remembered how he would keep locking people in the bathroom in school. I never thought he would do that to me–because I was a teacher’s kid. But he did, one day, after school. I still recall being terrified of being locked there for the night. I was standing there, shouting for help and pounding on the door. Luckily you realized I wasn’t around–we would walk home together and the first logical place you looked was the bathroom. Phew!

Talking of bathrooms, I was fondly remembering how we would see patterns on the bathroom floor. Shadows on the walls. And imaginary characters followed by building stories around them.

Each morning, as I sit on my porcelain throne of wisdom I inspect the designs on the floor. I have an ongoing story there. Some days they are animal characters, and some days they are human. I swear there is one that looks exactly like Goldilocks and the three bears.

So, you’ll be amused to know that even today, a bath is never just a bath for me. It means oiling hair, combing it, harpic-ing the potty, scrubbing the floor and sometimes the taps and then finally, bathing. Always reminds me of the quote “leave this world a little better than you found it” by Robert Baden-Powell. At any rate, i leave the bathroom a better place than I found it.

Oh, did I tell you I was looking and looking for the red towels – and then finally found them hiding under some sheets in the bed sheet cupboard? Felt so happy!

I was a flurry of activity yesterday morning. Opened the fridge to plan lunch with my list of things, then realized there were two big bunches of coriander sitting there. I pushed my laziness aside and quickly cleaned them, washed them dried them and fried the dals for the thuvaiyal. After I finished grinding, I gave Vidur a taste – he was thrilled. I rolled it into a ball and put it in the fridge dubba (yes, still using them and probably will until I cease to exist) and kept it in the freezer.

As I fried the lentils, I made some extra to make coconut chutney, because… naturally. Felt rather proud of myself.

By the way, I went to the doc to show my reports, such as they were. I had a nice walk to and from. It was the farthest I went since the lock down started in March. Felt quite pleasant, but not so pleasant to see people being careless and acting like nothing had happened. We never realize until it does, right? Then we sit and repent or find excuses.

It was good to walk into Nilgiris. We had begun to wonder when we’ll enter these stores next. I enjoyed the outing today. The doctor’s visit, not so much. Oh well, jaisi karni waisi bharni no? As we sow, so shall we reap.

Anyway, I’ve pledged to reduce my HbA1c in the next three months and will work hard. I am not happy about the new added medicine–its side-effects are scary. I’ll have to watch myself closely. Always a boring thing…for me at least.

Today I am thinking of making mooli paratha because tired of eating rice. Less washing up to do, also, right? I always found it funny how you were never a fan of these parathas. The only thing you rarely ate was aalu paratha, that too half or with coaxing, one full one. Strangely I find myself not a big fan of these things. I prefer the conventional roti/paratha with separate subzi. Also it makes me so happy to arrange a platter with salad, dal, subzi and roti and a cup of curd. Big fan of the portion plate.

By the way, I don’t remember if we gave away those two big portion plates or whether we still have them. Do you remember how, one Tamil New Year’s,  I filled all the portions in that plate and sat on the floor and enjoyed my food? Vidur was a toddler and found it fascinating to watch me.

Okay, skipping coffee today as I have already had two. Eating an apple instead. Yep, pat my back, please.

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