Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Back to the rottine

You’ll find it so funny if I admit this, Mi. I was happy to make rotis today. Hence the rottine–you know. (Courtesy Sury of course). I asked him if he found it amusing that I enjoyed making the rotis today and he quickly said of course.

We woke up this morning listening to kis tarah bhoolega dil by the lovely Noor Jehan. Oh, what a voice, what a melody, what lyrics. Do your remember Vidur singing it perfectly? Yep, got the video still.

Yesterday I spent all day semi-bullying him about checking clothes, pants, etc. Today is the 4th of July and quickly the next 20 days will whizz by with me juggling work, filing IT returns (ugh!), housework, outings, and the other mundane stuff we cannot avoid. Already I am taking stock of the pantry and have made meal plans so I can cook accordingly without stressing over this aspect.

And yeah, I ripened two totapuri mangoes to make the mango burfi again, Mi! Oh gosh, I am laughing now to think of how, when I said I was curdling the milk, you’d ask me if I was lacto bacillus! Hehehehe. Remember how we always make extra rotis for roti vadakkal? I still do it. Makes such a yummy snack or even meal. Last week it became Vidur’s dinner and he enjoyed it. I think fondly of how Gopmama and I would fight over the tadka – the crisp urad dal! You know, mor-molagai makes a fab taste enhancer. Which reminds me, I really want to eat more-koozhu one of these days.

Did I tell you I made it a couple of weeks ago and U dropped in. Of course she had cooked a three-course menu at home but hadn’t had lunch. I forced her to eat a bowl of the koozhu and she was fascinated by how tasty it was and said she would make it. She couldn’t get over how easy it was.

Got a bit distracted there with the doorbell and all. Paps doing her duty. And our ex-pentamma saying hello. She had wanted that old utensil basket–told her she could take it any time and she looked happy about it. She is also interested in that old vinyl carpet of ours which is rolled up in the garage. Hmm. But to take that she needs transport so whenever that is.

Talking of the garage, I really have to go clear out some stuff there. Sigh. It was so much easier when the Honda Activa was in my life. Also kept my arms cool, I think, pulling and raising that shutter eight times a day. What? That’s solid exercise, you know. Even if I put “giriju” (grease according to my Paps).

I am sitting with a tumbler of kaapi now. Just ate three marie biscuits. And am a bit muddled about what I can realistically finish today, Mi. I wish you were here to prod me on, encourage me, motivate me, make me laugh. Sometimes it’s a lonely journey you know. Because there are things only I am worried about simply because I am the author of all that mischief. Oh well. I guess what will get done will get done.

I feel slightly ranty today but I think I’ll zip it up for the moment and get going with walking the miles to go before I sleep. I’ll save the venting for tomorrow.

Please watch over me.

Here’s the song.

So – pic above the post is from Vidur’s campus. Marigolds- rows and rows and rows for as far as the eye can see, Mi.

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