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Little Mundane Things

I have a long list of tiny things to do, Mi. But they have to be done. Mundane stuff like calling the paperwala, change the sheets, scrub the bathrooms, clear out some clutter, take stock of groceries and refill, sweep, dust, mop, yada yada – the usual suspects.

I’ve been trying the paperwala for 5 days now and the guy keeps giving me appointments he never keeps. So irritating. Sury of course laughs to see me getting worked up about these things, but the point is, I’ve stacked them in the living room. I am afraid that if it sits there any longer, next time I open the door, a passerby might assume I am a collection center. He he. Just kidding. Still!

Packed eight bags of toys and books to carry to my friend’s place-she has started a playschool. But the cab fare intimidated me–costs three times the train ticket to Madras and back–so there’s a delay while I figure out a better way, an economical way. I’d really rather spend the money on getting the kids something than blow it on cab fare. She has promised to think of something too. In the meantime, the bags adorn the six-foot sofa. Ah well. I just smile when I look at them, because I am really thinking of the contents.

Sometimes I just don’t know where to begin and my mind freezes when I look around you know. Probably because it is juggling with what to prioritize–work always topping the list because we can’t argue with those deadlines, right?

I am laughing to think that my corporate life actually looks easier from this distance. Fewer possessions, a non-negotiable routine, and most of all, less technology. Why, we managed with one landline, didn’t we? And no computer. More get-togethers with friends and visits. More going out. We’re spoilt now with the benefits technology brings us, I tell you!

By the way, I got a cute telephone book in which I plan to note down all the phone numbers – family/friends/utilities and what not. Just because it looks so nice and I ache for the old book which is rather worn. Remember how exciting it was when we got that? The lovely memento of Hyderabad turning 400 years old. Such a treasure.

Did I tell you I’ve got a bunch of essential oils to try out and review? Luckily I got to choose the fragrances and they are fabulous. I got lemongrass, neroli, ylang ylang-vettiver and Himalayan lavender. You would love the lemongrass and neroli – which orange flowers.  Fragrances do make life better. No wonder aroma therapy words. I wish you were here to enjoy these as they create such a lovely ambiance.

I am just making a list of what I can manage today. It is okay when I can depend on myself. But when I have to depend on others, it is so annoying. Do you know I had to exchange countless emails and phone calls to get a flight cancellation refund over the past two weeks? Crazy. I don’t know why people won’t do an honest job. Wouldn’t life be simpler? In fact, they have the temerity to confirm something in writing and then do exactly as they like. So much stress and a such a waste of time. Bah!

Life was simpler a couple of decades ago. Yet, who am I to complain when I love technology? I just wish people would do the right thing. You know, big brands do not respond unless called out publicly on social media. I so hate to do that but sometimes, have to, as a last resort.

Oh well. Life goes on. Ha. Let me make some coffee and get on with the day, Mi.

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