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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Some thens and nows

Talking of thens-and-nows, the last time I travelled on 8th Main and passed the church, our old friend wasn’t there, Mi. Of course I freaked out a little wondering where he was. It has been raining, so perhaps he had moved to the bus stop shelter on the other side? However, there was no sign of him there, either. I am hoping he got a spot in the church. I really don’t want to think of the worst thing that could have happened. It is amazing to think how he has survived all these years living on the footpath. Sigh. At least we made a tiny difference in his life–or so I’d like to think. Odd now to recall how families attached themselves to him from time to time and then moved off. Makes me think of him as a catalyst.

Well I do hope I spot him next time I go down that road.


By the way I am all excited about a new place I am hoping to associate with, kindly referred to me in conversation by L’s mom. With SS rather nicely settled now, I thought I’d channel my energies and resources towards this one. Planning to talk to the person today and then go over. Let’s see how that goes.

Remember how I used to gaze at that photo of the kid in the Reader’s Digest? Somehow these kids reminded me of that. Perhaps that was a defining moment for me–if only because the photo is imprinted in my mind. I smile to think how Gopmama flung the mag into the attic just to stop me from crying uncontrollably when I saw the pic. It was almost like my favorite timepass–pick up the mag, find the page, settle it on the edge of the bed, or the table, rest my elbows on either side of the magazine and build up to a good long sob sob sob. Later you all recognized the signs as soon as you saw my lower lip trembling as my eyes filled with tears–and swooped down on me, whipping the mag away!

Well. What can I say? I have my attachments!

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