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After a long time

On a whim, today I decided to wear a saree, Mi. I know you would be thrilled to hear that. I had to do the Navratri hop and thought, why not a saree today? So, I checked for the color of the day–grey–and picked the grey cotton saree with the pink border. Remember how we’d love this saree? It drapes so well and had just the right amount of starch. I paired it off with some golden alloy jewellery because the exact pink-grey set was hiding. I found the earrings but the necklace, no. I am sure I kept it safely somewhere–so safe that even I can’t find it. Okay, I was also a little lazy to look beyond the obvious shelves. One of these days I should consolidate everything and organize them.

It felt great to wear the saree. Of course, initially I was a little iffy because the blouse would determine whether the saree would fit. Luckily, the pink blouse was just right. I wonder why people assume that those who don’t wear sarees often are not comfortable in them? But then they don’t know that I rocked the saree for years before today, no?

Such lovely memories of us buying sarees! I can’t believe we used to get beautiful cotton ones for Rs.60! I still have that yellow saree and plan to wear it one of these days. By the way, L bought some kalamkari blouses, Mi–and they look fabulous. So we headed out to the shop after our golu visit and I bought a couple of them. I must try them to see if I can keep that size, otherwise must go exchange it. Same shop where I got that brilliant blue blouse years ago, remember? Good gosh, imagine our stunned surprise when I was literally blue from wearing it. Took days for the color to wash off my arms! So hilarious.

I have fond memories of us sitting practically through the night, listening to songs and stitching the falls on to the sarees, because we wanted to wear them throughout the week. When I talk about stitching falls and and making alterations myself, people look at me as though I am an alien. Hard to explain that those days most people did that, and also, we only outsourced things when we absolutely had to. I feel lucky to have lived during that time.

Those walks on Saturdays after I met you at your school and we had lunch–what lovely afternoons! I laugh to think of the cone ice-cream I looked forward to after we bought coffee powder at that particular shop which had the vending machine at the  entrance. I especially cherish that day when we saw that multicolored silk saree in hues of brown, orange, ochre, red and yellow and coveted it like crazy. Remember how we literally emptied out our bags to buy it? I think the shopkeeper took pity on us and let us have it for a bigger discount than he intended. And that Calico shop! Wow. They don’t make them like that anymore, Mi. If they do, they cost the earth.

Here’s my pic for you today–wearing a saree. Coffee With Mi memories

99 days left this year.

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5 thoughts on “After a long time

  1. Such a lovely pic of you in a saree and a post to match. I am sure Mi is smiling as she reads it, just as I am.
    I remember Mom and Aunts adding the fall to their sarees too, Vidya and it was such an event, with endless chai, gossip and laughs. Those days are fond memories now.

  2. When I see sarees draped so well like yours, I just fall in Love once again with them. Vidya, You look so serene in this saree. I loved reading this post, I was reminded of my Mom’s and grandmother’s stories! Thanks a lot.

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