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Life, that four letter word

So am heading towards one month of diabetes – on March 8. How funny. International Women’s Day. Discovery day was Feb 8. I was so keen to do something amazing and of course – you know me. I decided to do myself a favor and get a full health check since the last one was over three years ago. Ok…earlier, but I did go for some routine checks and was pronounced fit and healthy. Physically, I mean. Imagine my shock when we merrily went to pick up the reports the next day, on our wedding anniv – Feb 9 when I found that the entire report was a mess. Even the damn ECG had a problem. I consulted RC, and he advised an HbA1c for historic blood sugar and a Tread Mill Test.

I tell you, the TMT scared the heck out of me. I was so afraid I’d crash it. I desperately chanted slokas to keep the pace and thank heavens it was alright.

Still, the HbA1c totally let me down and I am now on medication, exercise and diet. RC told me to check in after two weeks for a follow up random RBC. I did. And it is under control. But by no means am I anywhere near okay, that’s the sad part. I am now on a strict diet of zero rice and wheat in any form, plenty of sprouts, salads, veggies and fruits. Do I miss the rice? Sometimes, naturally, considering how much I loved dousing it in ghee and freaking out. However, health is a great motivator, and with T on my side bullying the sh*t out of me, I am doing fine. I walk for an hour every day and of course, at the two week follow up I checked my weight to find absolutely no different. Talk about crazy hope! The good part is some of the clothes that were snug now fit very nicely.

Who knew that of all people I’d be st(r)uck with a condition for life? Most people just brush it off saying no big deal. Really? But then unless we experience certain things personally we never really know what it feels like. No matter how compassionate I was, how loving I was, I am sure I didn’t know the half of what you went through. When you had to follow your renal diet, I joined you to buddy up, but still, you were the one who actually had to go through the problem. Maybe I just made you feel better by being supportive.

At least I can still have coffee, albeit without sugar. Which is fine. But according to the Waist Trainer Center, no bananas, mangoes, chikoos,  grapes, potatoes, beetroot….the list goes on and on. Oh yeah, I’ll survive. I just wish you were here with me…that’s the part that sucks.

So how did this happen, you’re wondering, right? I have them to thank. I’ve been kicked in the ass by genetics. What a thing to inherit.

Question is, should I send a thank you note? Ha  ha.


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Vidya Sury

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12 thoughts on “Life, that four letter word

  1. First up, very good that you took a health check-up. Don’t worry, you’ll soon conquer the difficulty.
    The TMT can scare you to hell. My husband ( he’s just turning 33 next month), had to take this last month, and we both were equally tensed till he called me from the hospital to say it was all fine.
    And our slokas, be it the LSN or VSN or any other, have the ability to pacify us, I guess that’s why they insist that they must be recited in a particular “chhandassu”.
    I’m sure your will power will take you to greater heights of tolerance and adherence and you’ll soon conquer the D !
    Stay blessed !

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Sreeja! Oh yes, I have four of LSN I constantly repeat, as I believe life’s situations can be broadly divided into four. 🙂

      I am glad all is well with your husband – I know how it feels to be scared!

      Hugs and thanks for your encouragement. 🙂 God knows I need it.

  2. Take care. I got this shock last December. Lost oodles of weight going on a low carb diet, but I cheat once in a while. I guess one gets used to shifting focus from “kya khana pakayen” to “kitne km ki walk karen”

    1. 🙂 I am exactly in that place now, Ritu. But I’ve made a list of “can eat” things and am trying to be as creative as I can without feeling like I am sacrificing stuff. Not much of a foodie, but you know how it is when one is told “you cannot” – I usually hear that as an “I must”. What is scary shit is – it is a lifelong thing! Hmm.

      Hugs and thanks for stopping by, and the words of encouragement. Misery loves company.:D

  3. The irony of those genes! But you know what? You’ve got many more from the other side – being positive, a great sense of humour and the ability to bat anything off with a huge stick of ‘can-do’. You’re already doing a great job of it! Stay healthy and stay YOU. ♥
    PS: Love that picture – the expression says it all, no? 🙂

  4. You will be as fit as a fiddle I tell you! You are one strong lady and the D will go flying out of the window soon! Take care <3

  5. Knowing a little about you, the kind of will power you possess and the self disciplinarian you are I’m sure you’ll be fine soon. Stay healthy and tc :-*

  6. Oh, I have no doubts that you will kick all the errant HbA1c and RBCs with your discipline and will power and they will behave themselves soon. Take care and stay fit and healthy! 🙂 ♥

  7. The brighter side: you know.

    I had a similar experience when I found some years back that I had mild hypertension.

    After the initial jolt, it’s quite simple, especially for a systematic person like you, to plan the do’s and don’ts. Implementation is not easy to start with, but persistence makes it easy. Having a capable and trusted doctor is a big positive.

    The positive side is, if you stick to the do’s and don’ts, your overall health will improve.

  8. This post reminds me of my tread mill test.have to check the calendar.
    I can understand the abstinence of rice in a south Indian diet. Wait for all your reports to be normal and Vidya you have oodles of patience and your strict adherence to the doc’s advice is well-known.

  9. You can recover from that illness, Vidya. We’re just here for you.

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