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If Wishes Were Equine

Every once in a while, I wonder how it would have been if you were still alive, especially since we were all convinced that Jan 2010 ushered in recovery and good health, after you had survived spinal TB. I fantasize about buying you XS size kurtis in different shades of your favourite color red, and imagine you wearing leggings. So convenient. I see us walking the stretch of 7th Main, perhaps buying bhindi and Ooty beans at the corner where the vegetable vendor listens to Tamil songs on his cellphone. On the way back we would discuss the menu. Sigh.

Talking of veggies, Mi, remember that day, you were bringing Vidur back from playschool and decided to buy veg on the way from our usual guy? By the way, that guy still sells veggies and I see him loading his cart at 17th cross every day. You let Vidur pick the veg and he was fascinated by the snake gourd and thrilled when you hung it around his neck. Naturally. At 3 years, everything is exciting and new. He thought he should carry it home that way. But since it was heavy and rather long, you decided to give it to him after you finished shopping and paid for it. Ten minutes later, you both picked up the bags and walked back home, only to find that you had forgotten the snake gourd. Vidur was so upset. What was hilarious was, the next day, the guy spotted you at the same time as you and Vidur were returning from playschool and handed over the snake gourd to a very happy Vidur.

But nothing to beat that sight of Vidur running off with the disco pumpkin! Even today, each time I go veg shopping and see these, I burst out laughing, recalling the visual of the fat watchman running after a small 3 year old hugging a little pumpkin!

By the way, there’s this place online where we can order veg now, you know? What is exciting is – buying greens. Can you believe I buy thota koora (amaranthus), coriander, curry leaves, basil and mint? All nicely cleaned up and packed in ziplock. Similar to how we used to get coriander leaves at one time at Reliance. But this place is even better. Home delivery, first of all, so no headache of commute. And as soon as everything arrives I can work on them fatafat without feeling lazy to clean, remove the stalks and all those things. The amaranthus or spinach of course has to be cleaned but still, it is far easier than before. How I wish you were here to enjoy that! Take a look at this coriander packet. Nice, no?

Vidya Sury Coriander

Hmm. From today, Vidur’s autumn vacation starts. Ten days. Also, Navratri. Yesterday, we saw the tableau being set up at Canara Union. What a lot of planning we used to do to go visit that place! We would try to club five other things with it.

So another year of my life goes by, without you. Miss you, Mi. Vidur wishes you were here, too.

Vidya Sury Mi Vidur

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11 thoughts on “If Wishes Were Equine

  1. This was such a beautiful post, a nice walk down memory lane, especially considering that I studied in MES College, 15th Cross, Bangalore and can completely relate to 17th Cross and Canara Union.

    Mothers provide the best memories which last a lifetime don’t they, and especially after they become grandmothers as well 🙂

  2. Its always nice to read your days shared with your mom. Great that Vidhur would be enjoying his vacations during navratri and dasherra. Have fun!

    I like the new look of your blog 🙂

  3. Vidya everytime I read your post I feel so guilty to have lost so many moments with my mother …memories I could have made… and everytime I promise myself that this time I will spend more time with her when I am in India…and btw did I tell you Your posts get too hazy for me to read..and by the time I reach the end I almost fail to read anything… Just want to hug you and then hug my mother …

  4. Beautiful memories capped off with such a lovely picture of your two greatest loves! You’re starting to look more and more like her, you know….♥

  5. Beautiful and emotional post, Vidya-ji. Memories are such a thing that keep us and the loved one alive. Enjoyed reading and love how you’ve kept ur mom alive. It’s written straight from the heart.

  6. Greetings Vidya,

    Such an insightful post, dear lady. Memories are the gifts that keep returning. Your mother, a continued gift of blessing for you and for those who read this thoughtful posting.

    Peace and goodwill,

    Gary 🙂

  7. I agree with Apoorva. Your posts always sends us a reminder that we need to preserve moments. Relish them because as much as we imagine them to be ‘nothing lasts forever’ And hugs from my side too 🙂

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