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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Oh, those 80s hits!

If I ever had to rewind to a time in my life, it would have to be the 80’s, Mi. Significant for so many reasons. Our lives changed for ever when we moved from Hyderabad the first time. To me it seemed like the end of the world because we were going to live in Chennai. That I learned to love Chennai eventually is a different story. But at the time, in ’81, remember how upset we were about moving to that hot sweaty place with relatives that EB’d the heck out of us? Anbu thollais.

What a turbulent time, in a way. And what a memorable time, too with so many…

80s hits!

Let’s take stock.

A new college in the second year of B.Sc. (nothing new, having studied in 5 schools over ten years)

Winning a scholarship (gulp!)

Graduating with honors.

Enjoying the Marina beach.

Regular trips to Mahabs.

Meeting soul mates and becoming friends for life.

Falling in love a few times, but making friends forever (yes, this is different from the one above)

Running away from home (and coming back!)

Reconnecting with school mates and old friends and strengthening bonds, growing up together.

Beginning my career with a maverick boss and Metallurgist of the Year Awardee

Leaving Hyderabad, Sad.

Losing Jaimini, Sad.

Losing Raj, Sad.

Losing Grandma. Sad.

Leaving Chennai. Happy.

Coming back to Hyderabad, oh Joy, thanks to a fortuitous work transfer

Tasting independence like never before together and taking charge of our lives, sort of. I know this one is your favorite, Mi!

vidya sury 80s hits

Getting my first “scooty” the mighty Hero Puch as soon as it was launched. The memories related to this scooty alone can make a book, Mi!

Getting my first Kinetic Honda, ah, my steed!

Loving those late night movies. V and me on that GTS.

Experiencing cable TV and therefore MTV for the first time.

Hanging out at the British Library. Wonder if Rita Saldanha is still there? Oh my twinkling stars! I just Googled her name and here she is! Who knew?  What lovely memories of being scolded by her each time I visited the library and walked off with a sack of books, courtesy my corporate membership! Amazing lady!

Vidya Sury 80s hits

From librarian to baker: Rita Saldanha moved from books to baking and discovered a world of warmth. Gourmet cook, baker, singer, librarian, social worker. At 74, Rita Saldanha can proudly look upon a life that reads like a cover story on reinvention. This gold medallist from Madras Christian College has been anointed the ‘Diva of Madras’ for her soprano and also been a strict librarian for over 30 years. Among all her talents, there is one that has endured life’s many ups and downs: baking.


MAD Magazine

MAD about 80s hits vidya sury

Meeting the 8 month old Shnu. My eyes just glossed over!

Meeting Ranjit, a soul smile.

Growing in my career

Meeting Prince, another soul smile!

Reveling in music.

Recording my first tape.

Using my first computer.

Getting my nose pierced

Becoming bike-crazy and driving the gang nuts taking off on their bikes with T

That list is endless, really. What  a flood of warm happy memories!

And how can I talk about my 80s hits without mentioning my love for Michael Jackson, Mi? I remember the first MJ song I heard – Blame it on the Boogie – and how I loved it! Every song of his has a special memory for me. There’s nobody like him, and never will be! Here’s one of the oldest songs I heard, a song that has taken permanent residence in my heart —

“She’s out of my life”.

Well, this isn’t the half of it, and you know it, Mi!

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6 thoughts on “Oh, those 80s hits!

  1. Greetings Vidya,

    My dear human friend, it seems that the eighties were a time of monumental changes and pawsitive revelation in your life. It’s could to reminisce. My human remembers the eighties. He’s told me that the eighties were a time that he bought his first home in British Columbia, got married and then his then wife, moved to England.

    Peace and goodwill, your way,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! 🙂

  2. Wow, that was quite some walk down memory lane, wasn’t it? 🙂

    I loved the post as it brought back quite a few memories of mine as well. More so given that the cities you mentioned figure prominently in my memories too.

  3. I was born the year you moved to Chennai, 81. 🙂
    I am a typical 90s girl and in my head still stuck there.
    Oh, such lovely walk down the memory lane you had with mum. 🙂
    Love, always.

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