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25 years and counting

Had the fun-nest evening yesterday – meeting friends after – we realized – 25 years even though we’ve been sort of keeping track via mutual friends about where we are, what we are doing, etc. It is amazing to enjoy the same easy connection, after all these years. Must all be real nice folks, eh? *wink*.

I had even more fun explaining the connection to Vidur – now these friends are Uma’s class mates. Uma was my class mate. Interesting puzzle eh? Uma and I met when we enrolled for a course in ’83, while she was waiting for her engineering college admission results and I – well – I had just graduated and enrolled because at the time, it seemed like a useful thing to do. Way back then, I was undecided about whether I wanted to go to work, or continue studies. The one thing I was keen on was Biochem, but there was no chance of that thanks to my colorblindness. I wanted to learn french, but that was pooh poohed by the folks. So going to work seemed like the next glam thing to do. That I also enrolled for an ACS course and cleared the Inter exam before I ditched it because it didn’t fan my fires is a different – and perhaps best forgotten – story.

So – back to the original story here – Uma and I met – and became close friends. We had some real fun classmates too. Fond memories there. Should I take a break to reminisce? Naah. I can do that any time :-). When the course came to an end after six months or so – it coincided with Uma’s admission into engineering – and while she went on to do that, I began my working career. We’d meet practically every day – and even write letters to each other when we couldn’t. Imagine – we didn’t have a phone at home. If I wanted to call her, I had to phone the shop near her house and beg the guy to go call her. I also didn’t have a phone at home – but since I worked in an office, I had better access to it. Obviously, when we were out, there were millions of public coin booths – many of those that didn’t work. But those were also the days of exciting unlimited bus tokens – and we could travel anywhere we wanted. Simple needs, also.

Even though her college was a way off from where I worked, all it took was a bus ride with a book to read, or my Sony Walkman. Wonder if Uma remembers how we used to share those silly headphones – one earpiece each. :-D. Well – so I got to know her classmates also and met them very often. Those were the days of actually meeting mutual friends face to face and growing the circle. Sigh.

I just realized I’ve been a total idiot – We were so busy laughing, giggling and talking – we didn’t take any pictures. 

Vidya Sury

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